Broadmoor (CO) Adds New Apparatus to Firefighting Fleet

Broadmoor (CO) Fire Department Photo

Broadmoor (CO) Fire Protection District has bought a new fire apparatus designed to protect large structures from advancing wildland fires, according to a report published by The Colorado Springs Gazette.

The $320,000 truck, built by Darley, features a state-of-the-art compressed air foam system with 500-gallons of water and a 750 gallon per minute pump, capable of producing thousands of gallons of thick foam, the newspaper reported.

The city has been saving money for the purchase for 10 years, so there was no need for a loan for the new truck, according to the report.

The new truck meets the fire protection district’s needs and is low profile giving it the ability and maneuverability to navigate the tight streets in the area, the paper reported.

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