Braun Industries Delivers Two Chief XL Ambulances

Van Wert, OH—Braun Ambulances and its Michigan dealer, Kodiak Emergency Vehicles, worked with Allied EMS Systems, Inc. to deliver new units to the organization in July 2014. The Braun team worked closely together with Kodiak representatives and Allied EMS Systems, Inc. to meet the customer’s detailed specifications. Safety was a top priority for Allied EMS. It wanted a units that would keep occupants seated and belted while inside working, as well as offer enhanced visibility and functionality on the outside of the ambulances.

The two new units are Braun Chief XL ambulance models mounted on a GMC 4500 chassis. The inside of the ambulances have three “captain’s chairs” with four-point harnesses. Drawers, cabinets, and electrical control panels can be accessed from the seated positions. There are also seamless Multispec painted walls, brackets to hold down equipment, angled and ceiling-mounted LEDs to help prevent shadows on the patient, and a Stryker PowerLoad system.

The outside of the ambulances feature transverse compartments for backboards, so the crew can have access from either side, away from traffic. There is also an O2 compartment on each unit sized specifically to fit only the O2 bottle, sliding doors to allow the crew easy access when parked on the shoulder or tight areas, roll-up doors to access the ALS compartments from standing outside of the vehicle, and reflective graphics packages that will catch the eye both day and night.

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