Bracebridge Purchases New Fire Truck

Bracebridge firefighters have a new pumper truck to replace an an older pumper at the department’s Vankoughnet fire hall.

Pumper four, as it will be called, has double the tank capacity of the older pumper.

The Bracebridge council approved $230,000 for a new truck.

Requirements for the new truck were that it must carry 800 gallons of water and have enough seating for five firefighters.

Out of five bids, the winning contract was eventually awarded for a truck built by Dependable Emergency Vehicles of Brampton, which Bracebridge firefighters spotted during a fire apparatus trade show in May.

Compared to pumper two, which it is replacing, pumper four carries three more firefighters and three times the hose length.

Pumper four also carries more storage space than its predecessor, and houses an on-board generator. The truck’s seats are specially designed to comfortably seat fully outfitted firefighters with oxygen tanks.

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