Loaner Boston Engine Now in Service in Northern NH

Littleton Fire Department/Facebook Photo

A Boston fire engine is now in service in with a northern New Hampshire fire department after one of its primary engines was retired from service sooner than expected, according to a report published by Salmon Press.

According to the web report, the 2011 engine is on an extended loan to Littleton Fire Department to help meet the gap in its fleet while a new apparatus is on order.

The Boston engine is a lot like the out-of-service apparatus it replaces, according to the report, and Littleton firefighters have been outfitting it as needed and placing new decals an identifiers on it to match the community. The report said the amount of time Littleton gets to use it has been extended indefinitely.

The current chief reportedly said in the news article that having been in the fire service for a number of years, he asked the Boston Fire Department if they had any spare apparatus the community could purchase. Instead, Boston gave the town free use of the apparatus.

Voters approved a five-year lease for new engine in March and it was intended that the engine taken out of service was going to remain in service until the new vehicle was fully paid, according to the report.

The damage to the engine, however, was too extensive and, due to mechanical problems and severe corrosion forced it out of service immediately, the report said.

Littleton is planning to get six months to a year’s worth of service out of the Boston engine without any issues and, by then, it’s hoped the town finances are straightened out and Littleton can start on a capital improvement plan to replace apparatus as needed, the report said.

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