Boston Harbor (WA) Man Collects Fire Apparatus

Eric Foley, of Boston Harbor (WA), has made a hobby of collecting fire apparatus.

“I think we have about 15 fire engines now,” estimated Foley. “We have other vehicles in our collection as well, but honestly there are more than I can count off the top of my head.” In 2002, Foley’s father built a sprawling garage on the property that stores many of the trucks. “It was a necessity for our growing collection.”

The garage resembles a smaller version of the LeMay Car Museum. Industrial steel walls decorated with beautiful fire engines from towns across the country. Many of the engines even have framed information about their historic importance to the area they came from. “This was really my dad’s setup. He passed away this last October. We did most of this together, but I’m planning to keep it going.”

Foley recently displayed a few of his trucks in Yakima, WA at the American Truck Historical Society’s National Show. “Getting the trucks to shows and parades is a tough undertaking. We don’t do it very often,” described Foley. “The Yakima show was a big event so we made the trip. Locally, however, we don’t take the trucks out very much. The local fire departments have given us an open invitation to any future events we would like to attend though.”

So where can you get a glimpse of these amazing engines? While the Foley family wants to maintain their overall privacy, they want to share their growing collection whenever possible. “We aren’t opening up our garage doors to the public anytime soon, but we have a website set up where people can get a good look at the pieces we have so far.”

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