Blytheville AR Fire Apparatus Repairs Will Cost $8,500

Official approval has been requested by the Blytheville Police and Fire Committee (AR) for an estimated $8,500 cylinder repair to a 1998 platform truck.

The aerial truck is currently being repaired at G&W Diesel in Memphis. The 100-foot ladder truck is expected to return to the city next week, available for use again. The fire department does have a working 65-foot ladder truck.

Chief Mike Carney said if not fixed, the department would be unable to use the $550,000 truck.

The fire department budgeted $20,000 for maintenance and repair of vehicles so the Council will not have to amend the recently passed budget.

Carney said he took the truck to G&W at the end of December, but the company’s workload prevented it from repairing the ladder at the time.

Meanwhile, using, last week the fire department sold its 1955 Pirsch Ladder Truck to a Pennsylvania collector for $4,000.

The truck was in operation until the city bought the 1998 ladder truck.

Also, Carney said the fire department is researching the cost for a new roof at the Main and Franklin fire station. He said because the project will be more than $20,000, the city will have to solicit bids.

In other department news, Carney said the BFD recently subscribed to fire text for an annual cost of $200. The system will serve as a backup to the paging system. Via text message, the system sends information on fires to the off-duty firemen.

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