Bloomingdale Volunteer Fire Department (TN) Raising Funds for Fire Equipment

Bloomingdale Volunteer Fire Department Assistant Fire Chief Chris Short says about 80 percent of their fire gear is either expired, or will be in just a few days time. 

“Seven days from now, it will be expired,” said Short.

Deputy Chief Brian Sykes says the number one concern with using expired gear is the safety of the firefighters.

“The bunker gear is their first line of defense, that’s what protects them from the heat in a fire, from the sharp metal in a car wreck,” said Sykes. “We’ve got some other fundraising ideas we are going to try, grants, grants are always an option we can try to write a grant.”

So far they are facing an uphill battle trying to raise funds, with only $2,000 in the bank.

The Bloomingdale Volunteer Fire Department said the goal is to get the $200,000 raised within the next year.  

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