Bloomfield (MO) Firefighters Train with New Rescue Equipment

The Bloomfield Fire Department is working with new and advanced rescue equipment.

Volunteer fire fighter Michael Smith said this purchase will fill the holes in the old equipment they already use.

The department bought two firefighter harnesses, helmets with lights, as well as as a new hauling system, and a half-back harness that allows them to lift a patient vertically.

Smith said in rural areas like Bloomfield, these apparatuses are not readily available.

“Most equipment like this is going to be close to an hour away from us,” Smith said. This is something we bought to supplement to hopefully provide a service to our community, if the need ever arises.”

The equipment would be used in situations like if a hunter fell out of a tree and is stuck hanging from a harness.

With a price tag of $3,000, Smith said it was no cheap purchase.

“We do work within the budget the city provides but it can be limited at times,” Smith said. “This equipment is equipment the city normally would not buy. This is more of a special response type of equipment.”

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