Video: Bixby (OK) Fire Department Ferrara MVP Rescue-Pumpers

Chief Brian Wood gives a tour of Bixby (OK) Fire Department’s new MVP Rescue Pumpers featuring Cinder custom chassis, Hale QMAX 1500 GPM pump, FoamPro2001, 30 gallon foam cell, 750 gallon water and tons of room for equipment.

Ferrara—Bixby (OK) Fire Department MVP rescuepumpers (2). Inferno cabs and chassis; Cummins ISX12 500-hp engines; Hale Qmax 1,500-gpm pumps; UPF Poly 750-gallon tanks; 30-gallon foam cells; FoamPro 2001 single-agent foam systems; ROWE Industries CAFS; Honda 16-kW generators; TFT Typhoon deck guns with Master Stream nozzles. Dealer: Jim Stover, Ferrara Fire Apparatus, Holden, LA.

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