Bionic Hydrant Wrench Receives Award

LoggerHead Tools received a 2009 Breakthrough Innovation Award from Popular Mechanics magazine for its newly designed Bionic Hydrant Wrench.

LoggerHead, a past Popular Mechanics Editors Choice Award winner, describes itself as an entrepreneurial startup and award-winning designer, marketer, and American manufacturer of innovative problem-solving tools.

The company said the new hydrant wrench with its patented design by LoggerHead founder Dan Brown, will serve the needs of firefighters and water system workers by quickly opening problematic multi-sized fire hydrant valves in a revolutionary new way. It adjusts to multi-sized pentagonal nuts and provides an inventive mechanically advantaged grip when time and performance are of the essence.

In its award, Popular Mechanics called the LoggerHead Tools Bionic Hydrant Wrench a classic example of a new product innovation creating great market value.

“This innovative new type of tool combines the best features of the Bionic Wrench gripping technology in a new embodiment designed for first responders, by delivering a mechanical advantage unlike any other adjustable wrench because it equally distributes force around the workload,” the magazine said. “The Bionic Hydrant Wrench automatically sizes and grips the multiple sized pentagonal hydrant bolts installed over the past 100 years.”

For more information, go to http://www.loggerhead or call 888-564-4374.

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