Big Things Are Coming

By Chris Mc Loone

E-ONE made news at FDIC 2013 when it introduced its ProTech. Dan Peters, president and CEO of E-ONE says, “The ProTEch system is complete now. It’s gone through some extensive testing with several fire departments. The first full blown system is actually on one of our trucks at FDIC 2014. It’s exciting for us because it’s certainly something that no one else has.” The truck at FDIC belongs to the Bryn Mawr (PA) Fire Company. “They have a pair of trucks. One of them is here at the show and one they took delivery of last month is a sister truck,” says Peters. “Those are the first two trucks to have the full system on them. Do we think we’re going to sell one on every truck? No. But I think we’ll sell a fair amount.”

FDIC 2014 attendees will also get a look at E-ONE’s Quest chassis, which the company has improved based on customer feedback. “We also have with us at the show, two trucks: a platform and a pumper that are built on our Quest chassis,” says Peters. “Our Quest chassis is one we introduced several years ago. What we’ve done over the last year in a half is listen to customers. We spoke to those that have them. We spoke to those who didn’t buy them. We said what can we do to make this cab, in particular better? So what you’ll see on the floor is a whole new look to the front end of it.” Peters explains that there are couple different grill options along with new features on the inside.

“It’s given both the officer and the driver more room,” he says. “We’ve given some additional compartments in the back. People have said boy I’d love to have a space for my radio or space for my helmet. We’ve given the officer more foot room. The front of it is actually an aluminum casting which allows us to really provide some styling that you can’t provide by being part of an extrusion or straight aluminum sheet. We think it has a cool look to it, and lots of different varieties on what the light configuration can be on the front.” He adds that the chassis has a stainless steel front grill. “So once again, kind of a product that already existed so we’re not making a huge deal out of it in terms of hyping it. But I think it’s a good example of how we took all that input from our customers and turned into a product that we think is extremely sellable.”

But, the company is not standing still. Peters says, “From November until today, I wasn’t magically going to just have new product. But, I can tell you: people need to get ready, because it’s coming. We believe heavily in investing on the product development side of our business.”

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