Big Moose (NY) Ambulance Co. Rig Makes Debut

The Big Moose Ambulance Co. has purchased a new ambulance after completing a multi-year fund raising project.

The company shares mutual aid assistance with Inlet Emergency Services and Old Forge Ambulance Co.

The new PL Custom ambulance, which is a Ford F-450 four-by-four chassis with a Gold Classic style body, was purchased from Specialty Vehicle Sales Corp. and was delivered in December. Donations are accepted to help defray operating expenses. Contributions may be mailed to: Big Moose Ambulance Co., Inc., c/o Treasurer, 1449 Big Moose Rd. Eagle Bay, NY 13331.

The old ambulance was two-wheel drive and maintenance costs were rising. It was determined that it needed to be replaced with a safer, more reliable, four-wheel drive vehicle.

The company applied $70,000 of its savings to the project and raised over $90,000 of new funds. The company’s annual operating budget is about $15,000, and primarily covers vehicle and equipment maintenance costs.

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