Bid Approved for Slackwood Fire Co. (NJ) Fire Apparatus Purchase

Township Council awarded a bid for a new ladder truck to replace the Slackwood Fire Co.’s aging truck.

Township Council awarded a $1,050,673 bid to Emergency Equipment Sales LLC for the ladder truck. Two other bids were rejected because they did not meet the specifications set out by Lawrence Township.

Although those two bids were lower, Municipal Manager Richard Krawczun said neither one met the bid specifications, which called for stainless steel to be used for the cab, the body, the doors and the chassis frame rails. The two bidders would have used aluminum.

Stainless steel is preferable to aluminum because it is more durable, Mr. Krawczun said. Stainless steel is more rust-resistant, which is important. The snorkel truck, which is 21 years old, has rusted in several places.

One of the two rejected bids offered drum brakes, but the bid specifications called for disc brakes. Over time because of the weight of the fire truck, drum brakes can cause vibrations to be transmitted into the cab of the fire truck, Mr. Krawczun said. They are not as durable as disc brakes.

Also, one of the bidders included a 300-gallon water tank, while the bid specifications called for a 500-gallon water tank.

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