Bethel Township (PA) Houses New Fire Apparatus

The Bethel Hose #1 Fire Company welcomed several local fire departments and members of the community for a special fire truck housing event.

The new $800,000 state-of-the-art truck is a versatile piece of equipment with a 500 gallon on-board water capacity and the ability to reach the third floor of buildings.

The members of Bethel Hose #1 were the first to push the new truck into the station, the second time it was visiting officers from local companies, and the third time, members of the board of supervisors and residents pushed the truck.

“Four years ago we had a mission concerning our next piece of equipment,” said Bethel Hose #1 Chief Mike Heacock. “We wanted to make sure we are doing our very best for the residents of Bethel Township and feel this piece of equipment will do that.”

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