Bellevue, WA Improves Emergency Response with Opticom®

St. Paul, MN—Transportation personnel in Bellevue have been empowered to improve emergency response without leaving their desks. The city is transitioning to an Opticom® Multimode Traffic Signal Priority control system, which includes Opticom® Central Management Software (CMS) enabling them to perform critical management tasks remotely and maximize resources without compromising the budget.

Opticom® CMS, a desktop based traffic management software, is connected via Ethernet connections at the city’s intersections. Critical data is relayed from phase selectors at the intersections to traffic engineers at the centralized traffic management center.

Bellevue fire and police crews were already using Opticom® Traffic Signal Priority control at each of the city’s 185 signalized intersections. The deployment of Opticom® CMS has revolutionized traffic signal priority control behind the scenes too. As a result, emergency responders can be assured that signal preemption will work seamlessly when they need it most.

The Opticom® Multimode System provides complete interoperability between Infrared (IR) and GPS priority control systems. The transition to Opticom® Multimode technology offers benefits far beyond the traffic management center. It promotes more effective mutual aid response for the entire region. Response teams from neighboring communities can now receive green lights on the way to emergencies in Bellevue.

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