Bellevue Approves $110,000 Settlement in Fire Apparatus Accident

The Bellevue City Council has approved a $110,000 settlement for a woman whose car collided with a city fire truck more than four years ago.

Janice Michalek was driving near the Bellevue Medical Center on a snowy night, Feb. 24, 2011, when she hit the fire truck, which had been on its way to a call before it was called off.

Michalek was driving south on 25th Street east of the hospital when the southbound truck with its emergency lights on in the next lane made a U-turn in front of Michalek’s Toyota Camry, according to court documents.

Michalek’s attorney, Bob Knowles, said Michalek tried to brake, but slick roads didn’t allow her to stop before hitting the fire truck.

Michalek suffered a shoulder injury that required surgery, as well as bumps and bruises, according to court filings.

She sued, and the city fought the claim, saying the fire truck was readily visible with emergency lights and that the crash could have been avoided.

The city’s liability insurance provider, Beacon One, will pay out the $110,000.

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