Belle Plaine (MN) and RFPA Reach Agreement on Fire Apparatus Purchase

During a joint meeting last week between the Belle Plaine City Council, Fire Department and Rural Fire Protection Association (RFPA), it was agreed to purchase a new Rosenbauer fire engine truck at a prepay cost of $590,035.

It was also agreed that the city will pay approximately 49 percent of the cost ($289,118) and the RFPA about 51 percent ($300,917).

The Belle Plaine RFPA consists of a large rural area outside the city limits. Among the townships included are all of Belle Plaine and portions of Blakeley, Derrynane, Faxon, Hancock, San Francisco and St. Lawrence.

According to a report presented by Belle Plaine City Administrator Holly Kreft, the city has $650,000 for the purchase of the truck in its 2015 capital improvement plan.

Belle Plaine currently has three fire engine trucks and two tankers in its fleet. The oldest engine truck, which is 25 years old, will be sold via sealed bids. The city’s other two fire engine trucks are 2002 and 2006 models. The two tanker trucks are 1994 and 2008.

The fire truck committee, consisting of a mix of Belle Plaine and RFPA representatives, has been meeting monthly for 12 months to review needs, create specifications for the truck, familiarize itself with vendors, tour factories and test drive various trucks.

“For what will be a 30-year piece of equipment, in our opinion the Rosenbauer is the best truck out there,” Stier told the council.
Council Member Scott Schneider agreed, saying “the Rosenbauer is the way to go.”

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