Belle Fourche (SD) Volunteer Fire Department Welcomes New Toyne Fire Apparatus

Belle Fourche, SD—Lighting up a brisk fall night while on arrival to its new home station, the Belle Fourche Volunteer Fire Department’s (BFVFD) fully customized Toyne Pumper received a warm welcome from the community and was given the traditional wet-down and push-in ceremonial treatment by Belle Fourche firefighters. With its uniquely brilliant purple paint scheme, this stand-out apparatus is replacing a 24-year-old “Engine 3” pumper. Now officially taking over the watch, the new “Engine 3” is there to answer the call.

Belle Fourche’s volunteer fire department was established in 1903 and has served its residents for nearly 120 years. Today, the department protects a community of 5,600 with 25 dedicated volunteer firefighters and a fleet of 10 apparatus. The addition of their new pumper will ensure responders are primed to take on future emergencies.

Built by Toyne, Inc., the BFVFD’s pumper is not only equipped to meet the emergency needs of the people it serves but is also a symbol of the department’s enduring community pride. The apparatus’s unconventional purple paint and unique vehicle graphics are a tribute to the Belle Fourche Community School District and its mascot, the bronco. Color matching was performed on the school’s football helmets, and the purple is comparable to that of Chrysler’s “Plum Crazy Purple” that was used on the auto manufacturer’s muscle cars.

The pumper body is constructed with bolted painted stainless steel and features a variety of specialized storage. Body compartments are fitted with ROM painted roll-up doors for fast equipment access. There is storage for nine SCBA cylinders in the wheel wells as well as in-compartment SCBA brackets. The rear of the apparatus has slide-in storage for a ladder, pike pole, and hard suction hose. Toyne installed customized under-step storage too.

Toyne mounted the body onto a four-door Freightliner 108SD chassis. Under the hood is a 400-hp Cummins ISL9 engine and an Allison 3000 EVS transmission. In the cab, there is enough seating for up to five BFVFD firefighters.

Water is stored in a 1,200-gallon UPF tank and is monitored by an Innovative Controls tank gauge. Pump specifications include a Hale RSD-J pump unit capable of moving water at 1,250 gpm. Precise pump control is achieved with a Class 1 TPG pressure governor. Foam can be used while on a call as the apparatus is fitted with a FoamPro 1600 Class A foam system and a 25-gallon tank. Engine 3 is piped with several discharge and intake points. The front bumper features a hosewell and a 2½-inch discharge. Two 1¾-inch crosslays are mounted behind the cab on the control panel walkway for the top-mount pump.

Exterior apparatus lighting consists of FRC telescoping lights, FRC LED 900-Q85 scene lights, Code 3 warning lights, and a Code 3 LED arrow stick. Each storage compartment is illuminated with ILI LED strip compartment lighting.

“This was a very unique apparatus for our team to work on,” said Michael Schwabe, president and CEO of Toyne, Inc. “It is an honor to have had the chance to bring the department’s vision to reality. This is Belle Fourche’s fourth Toyne Tailored Apparatus, and our team is at the ready if they ever need another apparatus in the future.”

This Toyne Pumper was sold by Allegiant Emergency Services, Inc., an Authorized Toyne Dealer based out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

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