Bedford (VA) Fire Commission Requests $5 Million for New Fire Apparatus

With outdated equipment, more than twenty years old, Hardy volunteer fire chief Eric Shell tells the Bedford county board of supervisors safety is now a concern for those who work to save lives.

“It’s always that element that sticks in the back of your mind that if something were to happen, your safety is at risk in some of these cases.” Shell said.

Covering nearly 800 square miles. There are 12 volunteer fire departments in Bedford County.

They’ve requested money for seven new fire trucks to be leased over a ten year period, totaling almost 5 million dollars.

The public safety money from the board of supervisors has remained about the same for the past 15 years averaging around 34,500 dollars.

But the cost of a new fire truck averages around 550-thousand dollars.

Boonsboro fire chief Jack Sorrells says raising enough donations to make up the difference is impossible.

“The cost of fire fighting and the safety features that we need are increasing exponentially and our ability to raise funds is not increasing at the same speed,” Sorrells said.

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