Beatrice Fire and Rescue (NE) Gets Pumper Fire Apparatus

Beatrice Fire and Rescue has a new $430,000 pumper truck that was delivered Tuesday and features more water flow, added safety features and the latest equipment to assist firefighters in the toughest of situations.

The truck will replace a 1993 Smeal pumper truck that was the first truck out of the station in the case of a fire. That truck will be used as a reserve and department’s 1975 Mack pumper truck is being traded in.

It will likely be around two weeks before the truck is put into service.

Beatrice Fire and Rescue Chief Brian Daake said firefighters will go through training for everything from driving the truck to stowing the hoses.

‘We will do emergency vehicle operating training on that where basically we’re going to drive an obstacle course of cones,’ Daake said.

‘Once we’re proficient in that, we’ll go through the pump operations so that way we’re comfortable supplying water to firefighters inside a house or wherever they are.

‘Even the method of pulling the hose is different. They each have their own personality.’

Daake said even the way firefighters get out of their seats in the cab will be different, thanks to a different retention system for the oxygen tanks.

The truck, which is equipped with a 450 horsepower Cummins engine, is a KME Panther purchased from Firefox Rescue, which has offices in York and Kansas City.

Brad Dusenbery of Firefox Rescue said the truck has a 750-gallon carrying capacity and a five-man cab with an EMS compartment. The body of the truck is outfitted to store rescue equipment, providing an additional asset to the department.

‘On the body part of it, it’s a rescue body,’ Dusenbery said. ‘They can carry the rescue tools on it that would normally be on the other truck. It also has a light tower that goes up 18 feet lights up a scene with LED lights. This is a huge step up from that other engine, just in equipment alone.’

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