Bay Village (OH) City Officials Look to Address Fire Equipment Issues

City officials are looking to fix potential problems with fire department issues with several parts of the proposed 2015 municipal budget, which went to second reading at a City Council meeting.

One part of the current budget proposal would authorize the purchase of a sports utility vehicle for the department to replace the current 15-year-old one used to transport men and equipment in the department’s water rescue swim team. In addition, council had second readings on proposals to increase the amount billed to insurance companies for ambulance runs for nonresidents of the city; and to work with the Ohio attorney general’s office to have that agency collect past due bills for ambulance runs for nonresidents of the city.

In the SUV proposal, fire Chief Chris Lyons noted at the Dec. 1 City Council meeting this is the third time the department has sought the new SUV since the current one has been deteriorating.

Lyons noted that the SUV is integral to the water department’s water rescue swim team.

Lyons said if approved, the department would order the new SUV through the state plan and get either a Ford Explorer or Chevrolet Tahoe.

Referring to the ambulance run fee, Lyons said the increase would only affect nonresidents and their insurance companies.

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