Bay County (FL) Considers Replacement Fire Apparatus

Bay County Fire Department had a fire truck catch fire earlier this year and the county commission is now considering purchasing a replacement.

The insurance results are in, but no one knows exactly why the fire truck caught fire.

Chief Mark Bowen says they were able to rule out human error, and a bad seal may have contributed to the problem. 

Firefighters at the Bayou George station have been using a very old truck from another bay county station.

“The firefighters spend every day at work taking care of that truck, whether they lost it in a fire or any other way it would have been hard on them,” said Bowen. “The fire, I think it surprised them just as much as it did the rest of the community. That that could happen, but at the end of the day it’s a truck and trucks have these issues sometimes.

The county received an insurance settlement that should cover the cost of the new truck at about $215,000.

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