Barrington (IL) Fire Department and Fire District Split Up Fire Apparatus and Equipment

The Barrington Fire Department (IL) and Barrington Countryside Fire Protection District took the last major step before separation on January 1, by dividing up the vehicles and equipment they co-own.

Though they couldn’t yet provide a monetary estimate of what they got, both sides expressed satisfaction with the division.

Officials of the 48-square-mile fire district just outside of Barrington also found out this week that 16 of the 19 laid-off Barrington firefighters to whom it offered jobs have applied with them.

Barrington Countryside offered these firefighters their current union salaries and vacation time, but not a continuation of their pensions.

Rowan said it is important to the fire district to retain firefighters with as much experience and institutional memory of the fire district as work there now.

The rest of the fire district’s roster of 33 full-time firefighters will be filled with staff provided by private contractor Paramedic Services of Illinois.

On Jan. 1, the fire district will terminate its long-running contract for service from the Barrington Fire Department.

Fire district officials initiated the split, unhappy that village officials declined several requests to boost staffing and equipment in Barrington Countryside’s jurisdiction.

Barrington village officials said it was unfair to their own taxpayers to risk the financial liability for lifelong disabilities on more firefighters than the village itself needed.

The newly divided equipment should be moved to its new locations among the village’s fire station and the fire district’s two stations in Barrington Hills and Lake Barrington about a week or two before the Jan. 1 split, Rowan said.

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