Aviation Museum Plans to Restore WWII-Era Fire Apparatus

The Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum acquired an International Harvester FFN-3 fire and crash crew engine in running condition.
The museum’s staff began researching the seven decades-old fire engine immediately and is beginning the restoration process.
This particular World War II-era engine was first used to fight fire aboard Marine Corps Air Station El Toro (CA) in 1944, making it a piece of MCAS Miramar (CA) and the community’s history.
“This is part of [the air station’s] heritage,” said Steve “Smitty” Smith, curator with the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum. “There aren’t a lot of these engines around anymore and for us to find one that used to serve aboard El Toro is just amazing; and how often does anyone get to see a vintage World War II fire engine?”
Firefighters with the Miramar Fire Department paid a visit to the museum to see a bit of that history firsthand and one firefighter couldn’t contain his interest in the rusty, red engine.
“It’s great that this truck could even be found, let alone in working condition,” said Dan Regis, an engineer with Engine 60 at the Miramar Fire Department. “I like that you can find something that still has its originality; it hasn’t been hacked to pieces or modified and this is just about as original as it gets. This will allow people to really see what state-of-the-art was back in this truck’s day and what we have come to today.”
The Marine Corps Mechanized Museum aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton (CA) undertook this project to aid the aviation museum by providing parts and leads to where more needed parts for the fire engine can be found.
All that remains now is to find able-bodied volunteers to help in its restoration, and more researchers to help dig up the markings and history of this vehicle.
“[We] aren’t fire engine and crash crew specialists by any means,” said Smith. “We aren’t sure whether this truck was an [installation] asset or if they deployed with squadrons during WWII and Korea. We do know this truck is in rough shape, but is a part of our history, and we would love some help restoring it.”
This project requires volunteers with experience in body work, brake-system repair or any other kind of vehicle maintenance or restoration to see to a timely conclusion for display in the San Diego County Fair in June.

For more information, view www.miramar.marines.mil

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