Augusta (VA) Requests Funds for New Equipment, Apparatus

The Fire and Rescue Department will submit their request for review to the Augusta (VA) County Board of Supervisors for a Rescue Squad Assistance Grant that would help pay for new equipment and a new ambulance.

Currently, two of the Fire and Rescue’s five ambulances have four wheel drive.

If funding is provided, the new ambulance would also have four wheel drive and be better equipped to handle bad weather.

The ambulance they’d like to replace, with a mid-range ambulance, which costs $180,000 to 190,000, is a 1996 vehicle.

They are asking for about $96,000 to $100,000, which would be used to replace equipment and also to help buy the ambulance. The Fire and Rescue Department needs a total of $198,000.

“We pursue all the grants that we can as we all know the country’s been going through quite an economic setback at all levels so we try to augment and supplement the funding. We try to make sure that our grants… truly meet the needs of the citizens,” said Chief Carson Holloway.

Once the Board of Supervisors reviews it and gives the go ahead, Fire and Rescue will submit it to the Rescue Squad Assistance Fund.

The Fire and Rescue Department would then know if they received the funding in December.

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