Augusta (ME) Councilors to Consider Selling Fire Apparatus

City councilors on Thursday will consider selling the city’s old, immobile, ladder firetruck for just under $1,800.

Last November, residents overwhelmingly approved spending $1 million to buy a new multi-purpose firetruck to replace the city’s 21-year-old ladder truck.

The new truck, however, isn’t expected to be ready until the summer of 2016.

Earlier this year, in mid-April, the old ladder truck’s engine stopped working while the truck was returning from a call. Because repairs would be costly — about $30,000 for the engine alone — and the truck also would need potentially expensive work on its ladder turret to return to service, city officials decided not to repair it.

Instead, they recently sought bidders to buy the disabled truck. The city received only two bids, the higher one for $1,775.

Fire Chief Roger Audette said given the truck’s age and the lack of a motor, the truck just doesn’t have much value.

Last week city councilors asked City Manager William Bridgeo to look into whether the city could get more for the truck by selling it to a scrap dealer, not someone looking to use it as a firetruck.

On Tuesday, Bridgeo said the $1,775 bid actually was from a scrap metal processor and dealer, White and Bradstreet, not another fire department.

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