Augusta (GA) Firefighter Causes Damage to New Aerial Fire Apparatus

An Augusta firefighter caused nearly $8,500 in damage to a new aerial truck before it was even put into commission.

A lieutenant, whom the fire department declined to name, damaged the truck’s console shell — an area located at the top of the truck and the bottom of the aerial ladder — while driving it into the garage behind the fire administration building on Deans Bridge Road around 4:45 p.m. Dec. 4, said Augusta Fire Department Public Information Officer Dee Griffin.

The total repair costs have been estimated at $8,420, Griffin said today. It’s not the actual repair parts that will cost as much as all the extras, she said.

The estimate includes food, lodging and fuel for a repair technician who will travel from Virginia to Augusta to repair the truck.

The 2014 quint apparatus fire truck was part of a $8 million purchase that will include several new trucks and the refurbishment of an older one. The fire truck that was damaged was the first delivery and was scheduled to be sent to the Brown Road fire department. The remaining trucks are scheduled to be delivered through mid-2015.

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