AT&T Joins the Industry Council

Washington, D.C., January 17, 2012 — The Industry Council for Emergency Response Technologies (iCERT) today announced that AT&T*, a premier communications holding company and one of the most honored companies in the world,has joined the Industry Council as a member company of the association’s Board of Directors.
“For decades AT&T has supported public safety agencies as they seek to implement mission critical communications projects and plans.  Their experience and insights, and their participation as part of the leadership body of the Industry Council, will help us achieve our goal of supporting emergency responders in their mission to ensure that our nation’s citizens, residents and visitors have dependable access to emergency calling and that our public safety professionals can communicate effectively,” offered George Rice, the Industry Council’s Executive Director.
“AT&T is committed to helping emergency responders whose lifesaving efforts depend on timely access to critical information enabled by IP and mobile technologies such as next generation LTE wireless solutions, Next Generation 9-1-1 and connected devices,” said Stacey Black, Assistant Vice President, Advanced Mobility Solutions, AT&T Business Solutions. “AT&T has joined the Industry Council because it offers an exceptional forum for collaboration and visioning that will lead to improved public safety communications and emergency response.”
Improving response times, sharing relevant information and removing obstacles that keep public safety professionals out of the field are what AT&T Solutions for First Responders is all about.  AT&T has a long history providing Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) with call handling solutions for 9-1-1. These solutions help emergency call takers and communications center directors meet tomorrow’s needs by supporting the transition to IP and preparing for content rich communications to come. AT&T solutions have impact across the public safety ecosystem, from call to car to crisis. 
“Industry executives provide unique perspectives on using technology to advance public safety,” said iCERT Chairman, Kevin Murray, President and CEO of Mission Critical Partners.  “We are very pleased that AT&T has joined us and we look forward to their participation in our efforts, which will greatly enhance our perspective as we address critical concerns in emergency communications and response.”
About the Industry Council for Emergency Response Technologies (iCERT)

The Industry Council for Emergency Response Technologies (iCERT) represents the voice of the commercial sector in the emergency communications field.  Established by a group of prominent leaders in December 2005 originally as the 9-1-1 Industry Alliance, iCERT – the Industry Council – plays an important role as the voice of companies on public policy issues impacting 9-1-1 and the emergency response system.  Industry Council members believe that business leaders’ expertise can assist public policymakers and government emergency communications professionals as they address complex choices regarding advanced communications technology alternatives in the years ahead.  Through advocacy, research and in coordination with the public sector, the Industry Council plays a vital role in the development and deployment of emergency response technologies.
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