Astoria (OR) City Council Approves Fire Apparatus Repair

The Astoria Fire Department’s (OR) ladder truck underwent emergency repairs recently, with the council approving the more than $10,000 in repairs after they were already performed.

Fire Chief Ted Ames received permission from city staff to have the work conducted because of the emergency nature of the repairs, but he has also discovered a second broken truck.

The ladder truck is a 1988 Simon Duplex LTI, a 75-foot aerial fire apparatus.

The truck has 47,8000 miles on its engine. Public Works and fire personnel had advised Ames of the damaged truck when he first came on board as the new chief in January. Repairs had been estimated from a vendor in Hillsboro at $15,425 last year. Ames got a quote from a Springfield vendor for $12,030 in February. The final bill was $10,478.

“While the ladder truck was usable, it was unsafe and unreliable,” a council memo states. “Chief Ames advises that the second quote was from a reputable repair facility and, given the emergency nature of the repairs, was directed to proceed.”

Repairs to the second broken vehicle, identified as a 1998 Chassis that the city got possession of in 1999, have not yet been defined. Ames said the department is still working on quotes and what the extent of the repairs will be.

“There is some structural body fatigue and things going on, and we just want to make sure we are doing due diligence,” Ames said. “It’s in operation but only if it is desperately needed as a last resort.”

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