Ashland City (TN) Buys New Fire Apparatus

The Ashland City Fire Department is buying a new fire truck to replace an older one that was totaled in a fatal crash in April.

The Ashland City Council approved the purchase of a $543,775.50 fire truck on Thursday during a special-called meeting.

Ashland City fire chief Chuck Walker said the 2015 Pierce PUC model truck will arrive in about nine months.

A 1996 truck that was involved in the April 13 accident that killed a 26-year-old Kingston Springs woman was declared totaled by the insurance company and had to be replaced.

To pay for the new truck, Ashland City will use $375,000 from the fire department’s budget ($350,000 of which is from insurance money) and $168,775.50 from the town’s general fund.

Additional revenue collected from the fire/emergency tax that the fire department receives will go back into the town’s general fund until the $168,775.50 is paid back, the council agreed.

During the discussion, Walker said the town would save $16,306 in financing/interest charges over a five-year period if the truck was paid for in cash.

With the insurance money, Walker said the town will be able to purchase a truck that will meet the needs of the department.

The multi-purpose truck will have all the equipment the department needs to respond to fires, accidents and other emergencies, he noted.

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