Arroyo City (TX) VFD Fire Apparatus Locked in Fire Station During Fire Call

A Cameron County judge is working to find out why some firefighters don’t have access to their firehouse.

The Arroyo City Fire Volunteer Department said they missed a house fire on Saturday. Their pumper truck was locked in the garage.

Billy Scaife is a volunteer firefighter for the small community. On Saturday, they were called in for an early morning fire.

Firefighters said all they needed was a key on Saturday morning in order to get their pump truck to that house fire. “We tried everything. We were just frantic. We had a house on fire (and) we couldn’t get the trucks out,” Scaife said.

With no power to the building, Scaife said they couldn’t open the garage. He also said the manual chains next to the garage doors are rusted and broken too.

However, the firefighters took matters into their own hands. They broke down the door to the electrical room, so they could turn the power back on.

The building is used by the fire department, but owned by Cameron County. Scaife said they don’t have the keys to anything but the front door.

They were locked out of the electrical room with no access to the power box. He said they tried to ask the county for help days before the fire.

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