Arizona Firefighter Dies After Being Pinned Between Fire Apparatus

UPDATE: Bradley Harper, 23, has died due to injuries sustained after being pinned between an ambulance and a fire truck, reports

Emergency crews were able to rock the ambulance back and forth to free the firefighter, who was then rushed to St. Joseph’s Hospital.

“Tonight, one of the worst imaginable things that you could have happen to one of your firefighters, happened,” said Chief Bob Khan with the Phoenix Fire Department. “It hits you in the gut. It’s like a family member that’s gone down. The love you have for the people you work with is not really describable by words; it’s just a bond.”

Original Story: A Phoenix (AZ) firefighter was critically injured at the scene of a mulch fire after he was pinned between two fire vehicles when crews were re-positioning while fighting the flames, reports Fox 10 Arizona.

He was taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital in extremely critical condition. Phoenix Police Sgt. Tommy Thompson described him as “gravely injured.”

The firefighter is reported by Fox 10 Arizona as 23-years-old, part of engine rescue 21 and has served two years with the Phoenix Fire Department.

Phoenix Fire Chief Bob Kahn said, “This is a very serious situation and we’re heartbroken, but we still have hope.”

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