Apparatus Spotlight: Dallas (TX) Fire-Rescue’s 2021 Pierce Velocity Ascendant Aerial

All photos via author.

By Lindsay Dye

Pierce Job # 35018-02

Truck 40 began service with Dallas (TX) Fire-Rescue on May 18, 2021. The cab/chassis are the Velocity model (tandem aerial-big block) with the TAK-4 Independent Front Suspension System and the Ascendant body. Seating for five is provided, as are two EMS cabinets on each wall of the cab behind the driver’s seat. The EMS cabinets are accessible from the exterior through hinged doors between the cab doors.

The cab and body are constructed of stainless steel with side-roll and frontal impact protection, and AMDOR roll-up compartment doors along with hinged compartment doors are part of the body package. SCBA bottle storage is located above the rear wheel wells on each side of the body. The Pierce Command Zone advanced electronic and control system with Wi-Fi headlines the electrical system on the truck.

New to this truck and the others in this order is Pierce’s TAK-4 T3 Steering System. This system combines mechanical rear steering with a fully independent rear suspension. This feature will be the specification for all Dallas tandem axle aerials going forward.

The truck is powered by a Cummins X15 600 HP engine and an Allison Fifth Generation 4500 EVS transmission with six speeds and push-button shifter. A Harrison Model 10.0 MAS-16R/D -11011/15/1 10KW hydraulic generator is mounted above the torque box toward the front of the body.

The aerial is a rear-mount, heavy-duty, 107-foot stick constructed of steel with a steel 1,500-GPM waterway and Stokes box on the right side. A Task Force Tips Model Y5-EBA1-L30 electric monitor and a TFT Model M-ERP 1500 electric nozzle are featured. Tec Niq red LED lighting adorns the aerial for night-time operations and Fire Research Corporation SRA110-07 spot lights provide lighting on the tip of the aerial.

Duo-Safety ground ladders (one 1200A 35’ 2-section, one 1200A 28’ 2-section, one 850-A 20’ wall, one 850-A 18’ wall, one 875-DR 16’ roof, one 775-A 14’ roof with 7/8” hooks, one 701 Fresno 12’ 2-section and one 300-A Combo 9’) are stored in the torque box. A Duo-Safety 875-A-DR 16’ roof ladder is mounted behind the boom panel on the left side of the aerial.

The warning lights include two Whelen Freedom IV-Q 21.5-inch light bars on the cab corners with Whelen M4, M6, and WIONSMC model LED lights located around the rig exterior. Whelen Model R316F Rota Beam beacons are mounted on the upper rear corners of the truck. Whelen I2CSM traffic directing lights are individually mounted on the upper side (left and right) and across the rear end of the body.

Scene lighting is provided by Whelen Pioneer PCPSM2 lights on each side of the body toward the front and PCPSM1 lights toward the rear on each side. Hi-Viz Model FT-MB-2.18-FT lights are mounted on the cab adjacent to the light bars. Hi-Viz FT-MB-24 TRGWA-FT lights are mounted on the roof between the cab and crew doors. Audio warning devices include a flush-mount Federal Q2B through the center of the bumper and a Whelen Model 295SLSA1 electronic siren module with two Whelen SA315P speakers mounted through the right front bumper.

As is tradition in Dallas, this is a “dry” truck (no pump or tank). 

Dealer: Siddons-Martin Emergency Group-Houston, TX
Representative: Scott Beckwith

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