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KME 102-foot AerialCat platformKME 102-foot AerialCat™ platform offers short wheelbase and overall lengths and low travel heights. The platform itself has been redesigned to offer 22.6 square feet of clear work space. The new platform also offers 6.7 square feet of external working space. The parapet ladder access is provided at both sides of the platform, and it offers a movable platform control station, which allows for control of the device from the left, right, and center of the platform for easy operation. The KME AerialCat platform can offer an unrestricted 3,000-gpm waterflow option, achieved with a complete six-inch waterway and 100,000-psi steel ladder. It also offers a 94-foot horizontal reach, a 2.5:1 structural safety ratio, and -12 degree below-grade operation., 570-669-9461

Waterous ACCESS pump moduleWaterous ACCESS™ pump module has a hinged top of the module, allowing access from the top to service or perform maintenance to the module. Also, removable panels on the right and left side and a swing-out foam proportioner enable further access. The ACCESS pump module can be equipped with the ONE STEP™ CAFSystem and the seven-inch SMARTPANEL™ Control System., 651-450-5000

Elkhart Brass SafeLink single touchscreen interfaceElkhart Brass SafeLink single touchscreen interface integrates pump, valve, and monitor control into a single intuitive touchscreen. Developed in partnership with FRC, SafeLink lets operators manage all components in one central location, allowing firefighters to focus on directing water flow where they need it. SafeLink provides full engine governor controls, multiple valve control and operation, an intuitive 24-inch touchscreen, 1920- by 1080-pixel resolution, durable military spec enclosure, live camera feed video display, and extensive memory technology., 574-295-8330

Scott Safety AV-3000 HT FacepieceScott Safety AV-3000 HT Facepiece uses the AV-3000 SureSeal platform to deliver thermal durability and improved voice intelligibility. This allows the product to meet the requirements of National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1981, Standard on Open-Circuit Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) for Emergency Services, (2013 ed.) including those requirements for high heat and flame, radiant heat, and voice intelligibility. The AV-3000 HT features redesigned ducts, voicemitter locations, and dual voicemitters that enhance the facepiece communication to everyone in close proximity of the wearer, not just the individuals directly in front of the user. The AV-3000 HT enables right or left side mounting of Scott’s EPIC 3 voice amplifiers to allow users to select the side they prefer. The facepiece flexes with every move and ensures firefighters can use one facepiece with a single fit test for all of their respiratory applications., 800-247-7257

Waterous ONE STEP CAFSystemWaterous ONE STEP™ CAFSystem is engaged by selecting an icon on the seven-inch SMARTPANEL™ at which point operators can select wet foam on one discharge, dry foam on another discharge, air on another discharge, or any combination they choose. A water-only option is also available. All settings are preset at the factory, and the incoming water pressure is regulated to 116 psi., 651-450-5000

Ram Air rinse station and staging accessoryRam Air rinse station and staging accessory simplifies the decontamination of hazmat, immersion, and dive suits while complementing the company’s gear dryer line. The new product secures stickmen in an upright position to easily disinfect gear that cannot be washed in a mechanical washer. With this new accessory, fire departments and special ops teams can also stage wet gear when their drying needs exceed the capacity of the gear dryer. The product was designed based on firefighter and special ops team feedback, and it folds easily for convenient storage. The rinse station can be ordered as a base only or as a package that includes both the base and one stickman. Additional stickmen can be ordered separately., 888-393-3379

Wilcox Industries Mini Cutting Torch SystemsWilcox Industries Mini Cutting Torch Systems allow a breacher to melt or burn through objects to gain entry into secured spaces. The torch includes a flow valve adjuster, quick-disconnect attachments, a hook-and-loop carry pouch, and a HellBoy torch handle that can accommodate ¼-inch and 3⁄8-inch rods. The systems include new safety features such as a locking trigger to prevent accidental ignition and a pressure relief valve that releases O2 from the cylinder in the event it becomes overpressurized. The cylinder is made of a lightweight composite that can store up to 3,000 psi of oxygen and features a pressure gauge that displays pressure in 1,000-psi increments., 603-431-1331

Panasonic Toughbook H2 Rugged Handheld Tablet PCPanasonic Toughbook® H2 Rugged Handheld Tablet PC includes a faster processor, expanded storage, extended battery life, and improved connectivity. This MIL-STD-810G- and IP65-certified device can survive a six-foot drop and is designed for mobile workforces such as first responders and other mission-critical professionals. The upgraded processor is an Intel® Core™ i5-3427U with Intel Turbo Boost Technology, which accompanies the new 500-GB 7200-rpm hard drive with optional 128-GB SSD. Twin, hot-swappable batteries deliver seven hours of uninterrupted work per MobileMark 2007 testing. The enhanced connectivity is provided by an Intel Advanced-N 6235 Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n and Bluetooth® v4.0 + EDR, which comes standard on all models. Integrated wireless broadband options include 4G LTE or 3G Gobi™ and dedicated GPS., 877-803-8492

Gorman-Rupp Fire PumpsGorman-Rupp Fire Pumps are engineered to deliver dependable performance without interruption. From portable to larger tanker pumps, all are designed for little or no maintenance. Tanker pumps are ideal for water transfer, drafting, and fighting brush fires. These pumps are self-priming, easy to mount, and feature aluminum or cast iron construction with enclosed impellers. Pumps are available in clockwise or counterclockwise rotation and come standard with a mechanical self-lubricating seal., 419-755-1011

Larson Electronics 600-W LED Light TowerLarson Electronics 600-W LED Light Tower allows operators to quickly and easily provide high power illumination for large-scale work sites and events with minimal effort. The PLM-18-4X150W-LED pneumatic light tower features four 150-W LED light heads producing a combined total of 59,160 lumens of powerful light output and a pneumatically powered tower assembly capable of elevating the lamp assembly to a full 18 feet in height for maximum area coverage. Each lamp also features its own adjustable mounting bracket, letting operators adjust the lamps for the most effective coverage of the area to be illuminated. The lamps are connected to the main wiring harness with waterproof connectors, and the harness routes through the mast to prevent the exposing of any wiring to potential damage., 214-616-6180

Streamlight, Inc. 3AA ProPolymer HAZ-LO helmet kitStreamlight®, Inc. 3AA ProPolymer® HAZ-LO® helmet kit features the 3AA ProPolymer HAZ-LO flashlight and a Streamlight helmet clamp and rubber strap for mounting the light to any firefighter helmet. It also can be used to attach the Streamlight 4AA ProPolymer series of lights to helmets. Both the clamp and strap can be attached and adjusted to the brim of almost any style firefighting helmet with no tools required. The clamp is made of lightweight aluminum. The rubber helmet strap is made of engineered high-strength rubber. The 3AA ProPolymer HAZ-LO features a C4® LED, to deliver 120-lumen 14,000-candela peak beam intensity, and a run time of 6.5 hours. The light weighs 7.5 ounces and measures seven inches long., 800-523-7488

Delta Fire high-rise floor-below nozzleDelta Fire high-rise floor-below nozzle allows the firefighter to attack a fire in an upper floor from the floor below by means of a long nozzle (jointed for ease of lift access) manufactured to the optimum angle to fire a solid jet of water through the window of the room above, hitting the ceiling and providing gas cooling prior to a firefighter entering the room. In preliminary tests at a UK Brigade, an upper room was taken to 600 degrees in a controlled fire situation. Using the Delta Floor Below Nozzle, the temperature was reduced to 90 degrees in only 20 seconds., +44 (0)1603 735000

Practical Fire Equipment R.O.S. PlatformPractical Fire Equipment R.O.S. Platform makes firefighting roof operations safer and was developed by two career firefighters from Michigan. Whether firefighters are performing vertical ventilation, chimney fire operations, or any other work that requires the use of a roof ladder, this platform provides a safe and solid place for a firefighter’s foot when he needs to leave the safety of the ladder. The R.O.S. is built to be a universal fit on any standard NFPA-compliant aluminum roof ladder. It stores securely on the ladder and deploys to the roof while attached to the ladder. There is no need to carry another tool to the roof., 989-450-0733

Pelican ProGear 2740 and 2750 headlightsPelican ProGear™ 2740 and 2750 headlights offer tough lightweight lighting options. The 2740 features three LEDs with dual modes: high (35 lumens/20 hours) and low (13 lumens/51 hours). The 2750 features dual LEDs with multiple modes: high (100 lumens/three hours, 45 minutes), low (40 lumens/12 hours), night-vision-friendly red, and flashing. Both headlights are constructed of water-/weather-resistant polymer and pivot to a 45-degree angle to direct their light where it’s needed. Each weighs in at just more than three ounces with three AAA batteries (included) and comes with a comfortable cloth strap., 855-604-8562

Kussmaul Auto Charge 7 LPC 445-4290-5Kussmaul Auto Charge 7 LPC 445-4290-5 is a seven-amp battery charger with a selector switch for two charging modes: float-only or three-step charging. The charger is lightweight and has a low profile. The clean output poses no interference with radios and other mobile devices. The lead acid, gel cell switch selects optimum charge/float voltages. This charger’s current limiting prevents damage from overload while the load-activated cooling fan allows continuous operation at full-rated output. A heavy duty stainless steel case meets the rigors of emergency vehicle use., 631-567-0314

Scott Safety EPIC 3Scott Safety EPIC 3 (Enhanced Performance Integrated Communications) voice amplifier for the Scott Air-Pak SCBA and other Scott air-supplied and air-purifying respirators is a voice-projection device designed for use with Scott AV-3000 or AV-2000 facepieces. Its compact, easy-to-use design is securely mounted to the facepiece with a custom speaker to project the user’s voice clearly, distinctly, and loudly. Featuring a 50-hour battery life, the device may be used with off-the-shelf alkaline or rechargeable batteries. The EPIC 3 Voice Amplifier also features an automatic shutoff, which will deactivate the device approximately 20 minutes after its last use, saving battery life. In the event the battery does run low, the amplifier has both an audible low-battery notification and a visual LED indicator., 704-291-8300

Waterous Slide-In Modular CAFSystemWaterous Slide-In Modular CAFSystem models 100-50-OS and 200-100-OS are designed and constructed to discharge water, foam solution, or compressed air foam. To further enhance the 100-50-OS and 200-100-OS models, the Waterous ONE STEP™ CAFSystem is configured into the system to provide continuous, homogenous foam every time the system is in operation. The models also come equipped with a Deutz diesel engine, a Waterous CPD-2 pump, and an Aquis™ 1.5 Foam Proportioner., 651-450-5000

Sigtronics Corporation's Emergency Vehicle Intercom Systems and HeadsetsSigtronics Corporation’s Emergency Vehicle Intercom Systems and Headsets will provide your crew with improved communication and hearing protection. The Sigtronics system has voice-activated intercom and will interface to all mobile radios, with options for AM/FM radio, GPS, or cell phone. Complete your system with any of our durable, comfortable noise-attenuating headsets. For new apparatus or to retrofit an existing truck, choose from one of our standard intercoms, or we can create a custom system to meet your exact requirements. For more than 39 years, Sigtronics offers the perfect tools for you to hear it right the first time., 909-305-9399

The new ESS CREDENCE SunglassThe new ESS CREDENCE™ Sunglass deals a hefty dose of performance, protection, and style. Credence™ features military-grade high-impact Polycarbonate lenses with distortion-free optics and is ANSI Z87.1 compliant. Its large fitting frame features low-profile temple arms for comfort when worn with over-the-ear hearing protection, comms devices, hats, or helmets. All ESS lenses provide 100-percent UVA/UVB protection. Medium-large fit, available in a variety of frame and lens colors. Perfect gear for on- or off-duty responders. U.S. first responders receive 40 percent off ESS sunglasses. E-mail your name/rank/department to, 877-726-4072

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