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Task Force Tips’s (TFT) FlipTip nozzle changes use with a simple flip of its twist-lock pivoting tip. FlipTip is the latest addition to TFT’s New Force product line. There are three different series of FlipTips available, each designed to fit unique needs and budgets: FlipTip Only (with two smoothbores), FlipTip Integrated Shutoff (with two smoothbores), and FlipTip Integrated Shutoff with one smoothbore and G-Force combination nozzle (with the G-Force nozzle offering 18 model choices of fixed, selectable, or automatic nozzle combinations). The FlipTip Only series features multiple smoothbore choices for both the front and the rear tip orifices and quickly allows the initial attack team a choice of flows The FlipTip with Integrated Ball Shutoff features a high-volume ball shutoff, providing a single nozzle that offers a choice of hard hitting straight streams. The third option is the FlipTip with Integrated Ball Shutoff and G-Force nozzle., 800-348-2686

Streamlight® Inc. LOGO™ keychain light is a personal LED flashlight with four lighting modes and an auto-off feature that conserves battery life. The LOGO features a five-mm LED, which is impervious to shock and provides a 100,000-hour lifetime. It offers four lighting modes: high (10 lumens), medium (5 Lumens), low (2.5 Lumens), and blink. Users quickly press the light’s center for on, off, and mode changes. The LOGO also features an auto-off warning, which is activated after four minutes of continuous run time. The feature is designed to warn users prior to turning off the light while also conserving batteries. Constructed from impact-resistant polycarbonate and thermoplastic elastomer, The LOGO uses two 2016 size, Lithium coin cell batteries. It measures 1.8 inches long and weighs 0.37 ounces with included batteries. The weather-resistant light features a nonrotating snap hook that attaches to a keychain or zipper pull., 800-523-7488

Cummins Inc. 2013 engine lineup for fire and emergency vehicles is a complete range of clean-diesel engines from 260 to 600 hp. For 2013, Cummins will offer the fire and emergency vehicle market four choices in clean-diesel power: the ISX15, ISX12, ISL9, and ISB6.7. All engines will share a new single electronic control module (ECM) that will manage both the engine and the Cummins Aftertreatment System. In addition, these engines meet the 2013 United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations as well as the 2014 EPA greenhouse gas (GHG) and United States Department of Transportation (DOT) fuel efficiency standards. Cummins 2013 engines also feature an improved electronic calibration that is specific for fire and emergency vehicles that eliminates any emissions related vehicle speed or engine torque derates. Some 2013 ISX15 and ISX12 engines built in early 2013 may require a calibration update to eliminate emissions related derates., 800-343-7357

Spartan ERV MPA 65′ is a multifunction pumper aerial that has all the features of a quint. It can be configured with a 1,250- to 1,500-gpm pump, 1,000-gpm telescopic aerial waterway, and up to 500 gallons of water. The unit has a three-section, 65-foot lightweight, aluminum ladder on a single axle, multiaxis aerial controls, an automatic ladder leveling system, and envelope controls to simplify setup and enhance safety. The vehicle’s proprietary body system reduces weight and offers easy storage with 400 cubic feet of compartment space. Hose storage capacity is 1,000 feet of five-inch hose and 400 feet of three-inch hose. This configuration allows storage for 85 feet of ground ladders. Depending on configuration and chassis, the MPA 65′ is available from $350,000 to $425,000., 605-582-4000

Scott Safety Air-Pak X3 SCBA features shoulder straps that have an articulating point of connection at the top of the back plate. The pivoting connection enables the straps to move with the wearer. The dual-redundant reducer is mounted at the waist, helping to better distribute the weight across the wearer’s hips. All electronics are forward-compatible for blue-tooth technology, radio compatibility, and Air-Pak SCBA status recognition. The unit’s console features a “sweep” gauge, which is angled for easy viewing and fits well in a gloved hand. The console also features an external heads-up display (HUD) that shows the same light pattern firefighters see in their face pieces. The design also includes improved hose and wire management for a lower profile. All hoses and wires are virtually invisible for less interference and a cleaner fit. The RIC/UAC fitting is tucked away, yet easily accessible with a gloved hand., 704-291-8300

Elkhart Brass COBRA™ EXM monitor offers up to 1,500 gpm with low friction loss; symmetrical design for efficient and smooth operation; compact package that works in tight spaces; fully programmable travel speeds, stow, and oscillation; easy-to-use, two-way fiber-optic controls that allow wired or wireless operation; and plug-and-play electronic components. Unique waterway swivel joints use stainless steel thrust rods and needle roller thrust bearings for durability in a range of applications. Several base options are available for use with the COBRA EXM, including a three-inch flange, DN80-PN16 flange, four-inch flange, three-inch female NPT, and three-inch female BSPT. The discharge may be ordered with either a 2.5-inch NHT or BSPP thread., 574-295-8330

Hannay Reels’ F1500 Series reel is suitable for use with ½-inch breathing air hose and is designed for firefighting and rescue operations, including backpack recharging and direct-to-personnel air. All internal components are made of stainless steel and are degreased and cleaned to promote quality breathing air. The F1500 Series is available in manual or power rewind models and also includes e-coated discs, face mount motor, and frame and bearing housings for corrosion protection. 877 467 3357

Avon Protection Deltair™ SCBA offers air management, single power supply, clearer communications, and optimal weight distribution for firefighters and other first responders. The product’s patented user-friendly air management switch allows firefighters to instantly shift from ambient air to cylinder air. Deltair also includes a quick disconnect option that enables firefighters to replace their cylinders in seconds without removing their gloves. The single power supply is securely located on the back frame that is powered by six C-cell batteries housed together in one pack. The ergonomic design of Deltair evenly distributes the weight of the cylinder on a firefighter’s hips. The cylinder sits lower so that it doesn’t hit the firefighter’s helmet or get in the way when the firefighter moves through tight spaces., 888-286 6440

Whelen Engineering Company, Inc. Delta Rota-Beam™ Series multilevel lightbar features new “rotating” light modules using the latest generation of LED technology. The unit is a 100 percent solid-state lightbar with no moving parts or motors. The lightbar can accommodate two to six Rota-Beam “rotating” beacons plus angled mirrors and thirty-two flash patterns. They feature low current draw and are moisture- and vibration-resistant. They are also multilevel for 360 degrees of unobstructed warning. Options include lower-level take down and alley lights and Linear6™ warning modules with front/rear control. An external photocell for low power is also optional. The lightbar is SAE Class I certified and carries Whelen’s “Five Year HDP® Heavy-Duty-Professional Warranty.”, 860-526-9504

KME Whipline™ quick-reaction bumper turret is a joint venture with Elkhart Brass to create a turret that mimics the speed and accuracy of a firefighter operating a handline at a brush fire. Designed specifically for wildland engines, this turret can flow up to 120 gpm. The flow and direction are completely controlled at the in-cab joystick, which features automatic position indication feedback. The turret features a full range of 180-degree side-to-side and -30- to +60-degree vertical travel. The turret moves as quickly as the operator’s hand, allowing the operator to rapidly sweep back-and-forth across the fire for quick knockdown using minimal water. The stream pattern is adjustable at the nozzle. The flow rate can be preset from 30 to 120 gpm at the factory. This product is available exclusively from KME Fire Apparatus., 570-669-9461

MSA’s new FireHawk M7XT air mask provides personal SCBA protection and meets new NFPA 1981, Standard on Open-Circuit Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) for Emergency Services (2013 ed.) and 1982, Standard on Personal Alert Safety Systems (PASS) (2013 ed.). The FireHawk M7XT air mask offers seven life-safety design components to provide firefighters with durability and performance. Amenities include the new Ultra Elite XT communication system electronic voice amplifier feature, I-HUD receiver wireless heads-up display (HUD), and ICM TxR unit for firefighter accountability., 877-672-3473

Coxreels® large capacity 1185 Series high-pressure hose reels are available with an upgraded swivel to strengthen the reel capacity to up to 3,000-psi usage. The 1185 models followed by the suffix “-BUXX” have an external fluid path with an electroless nickel-plated steel 90-degree full-flow NPT swivel inlet and chemical-resistant AFLAS seals for high-pressure applications. These reels are available with a solid steel direct hand crank or reliable chain and sprocket retraction. The high-pressure 1185 series has all the features and benefits of the standard 1185 series, including a one-piece all welded “A” frame base for maximum stability, a low-profile outlet riser, and an open drum slot design to provide a non crimping, flat, smooth hose wrap., 800-269-7335

Scorpion Protective Coatings, Inc. Professional Series truck bed liner is now sold in two-gallon kits. A key advantage to the Scorpion 2 Gallon Kit is that it is premeasured and ready to mix. Scorpion has always sold nine-gallon, 45-gallon, and larger kits but now has another size to offer. With a list price of $149, the 2G kit is an option for applicators on a budget. This single application kit will save on shipping cost as well. Applicators will still have the same benefits of factory-direct technical support and marketing support even though they are purchasing smaller amounts., 800-483-9087

Astro Optics Traffic Guard Portable Speed Bump System offers a temporary and rapid deployment solution for emergency traffic control applications. Its mobility and design can help provide much needed motorist awareness to first responder activity when approaching emergency situations. The Traffic Guard is available in two standard lengths of 10 and 20 feet. These units include a sturdy soft carrying bag. These bag units are approximately the size of a spare tire and are suitable for storing in the trunk of a car or can be stacked on a truck for multiple uses. They can be deployed and retrieved in seconds by a single individual. The Traffic Guard is designed not to interfere with road repair or maintenance. Add its Ultimate Guardian option and you can instantly create a highly visible and removable barricade., 847-488-915

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