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Ziamatic Corp. (Zico) QUIC-MOUNT Horizontal Extrication Tool HolderZiamatic Corp. (Zico) QUIC-MOUNT Horizontal Extrication Tool Holder, model QM-ET-H2, consists of four separate components, two cast aluminum curved blocks, and two steel angled brackets that can be mounted in a wide array of configurations to accommodate virtually any cutter, spreader, or combination tool. Mounting to nearly any flat surface, the QM-ET-H2 is suitable for storing extrication tools in bumper “coffin” compartments and other spaces where height is restricted. Gravity keeps the heavy tool sitting firmly against the curved base blocks, secured snugly in place by the heavy-duty nylon retention strap. The high-strength angled brackets keep the blades/arms on the other end from shifting. When needed, the tool is simply unbuckled and lifted up off the shelf. When replacing an old tool, simply readjust the QM-ET-H2 components for the new arrival., 800-711-FIRE

Waterous Integrated Pump Module and CRU single-stage centrifugal Hi-FLOW pumpsWaterous Integrated Pump Module and CRU single-stage centrifugal Hi-FLOW pumps recently were introduced. The Integrated Pump Module provides performance within a significantly reduced compartment space. The design allows for crosslays that average 60 to 64 inches from ground level. With the optional SMARTPANEL™ and ONE STEP™ CAFSystem, the Integrated Pump Module provides a third-party-approved compressed air foam system with both NFPA compliance and FM approval.

Waterous CRU single-stage centrifugal Hi-FLOW pumps can be used in multiple applications such as aircraft firefighting, flowing large amounts of water for municipalities, or flowing water for industrial applications. The pumps can flow up to 3,500 gpm, require less engine rpm to achieve performance, feature a five-inch Victaulic® discharge, and are available with QB transmission for pump-and-roll applications., 651-450-5000

Dräger chemical protective suitDräger chemical protective suit provides protection against industrial chemicals, biological agents, and other toxic substances. Designed for use in explosive areas and hazmat situations, the gas-tight Dräger CPS 7900 suit offers puncture- and flame-resistance capabilities. The protection provided results from Dräger’s D-mex™ material, which is constructed with five layers of protective fabric. The middle layer is made of a tearproof inner material, surrounded by sturdy elastomer layers. A barrier layer used both inside and outside the suit is resistant to chemicals and retains its protective capacity even if the outside is damaged. The flame retardant, self-extinguishing material protects the user from burns and electrostatic properties and makes it possible to use the CPS 7900 in explosive areas. The flexibility of the D-mex fabric enables personnel to handle liquefied gases, such as ammonia, at a temperature of ‒176°F/‒80°C. The reusable protection suit has an estimated shelf life of 15 years, providing an extremely low overall cost of ownership., 800-858-1737

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