Apparatus/Equipment News

Apparatus/Equipment News

Magnalight.comWAL-QP-P10W-40X2E-25 quadpod mounted work area LED lightMagnalight.comWAL-QP-P10W-40X2E-25 quadpod mounted work area LED light produces 3,340 lumens of high-intensity light yet draws only 40 watts of power. The high-output LED light head on this tower light is configured to produce a powerful flood beam capable of covering an area 140 feet long by 120 feet wide. The tower on this lighting system is constructed of heavy-gauge aluminum for high strength and light weight. The four-leg quadpod base provides stability, allowing the tower to withstand high winds and demanding conditions without tipping over or falling., 903-498-3363

KZValve motorized valvesKZValve motorized valves are for fire vehicles and firefighting apparatus. Ball, butterfly, and manifold valves are available in polypropylene, nylon, brass, and stainless steel. Sizes range from ¼ to five inches, up to 2,000 psi. KZ products meet and exceed NFPA 1901 specifications. In addition, all electric actuator housings are rated NEMA 6P as waterproof and NEMA 7D as ignition-safe. KZ works hand-in-hand with OEMs to provide the market with electric actuators, valve controllers, and custom engineering., 800-288-1112

Pelican Products 2370 LED multi-color flashlightPelican Products 2370 LED multi-color flashlight works in a variety of environments. It features the LED technology with four operating modes: high and low white as well as night-vision-friendly red and blue. For easy mode change, the flashlight is engineered with a magnetically-actuated selector switch. The switch’s lack of mechanical contacts ensures reliability and eliminates wear factors. Powered by two AA batteries, its LED provides clean, brilliant light for nearly four hours of usable light with a peak output of 106 lumens in high mode. Its low mode shines 13 lumens and runs for more than 41 hours. The 2370 LED is weather-/corrosion-resistant, features a CNC-machined aerospace-grade aluminum body with a knurled no-slip grip pattern, and has a tough matte black Type II anodized finish., 310-326-4700

, in 25- and 40-amp configurations, Progressive Dynamics, Inc. 24-volt power converter/battery charger, in 25- and 40-amp configurations, has a built-in patented four-stage charging system. This power converter is suited for specialty vehicles and stationary applications including battery charging for buses, shuttle buses, emergency vehicles, and communication trucks. Features include the built-in Charge Wizard® four-stage charging system, which constantly monitors the battery and automatically adjusts the converter output voltage based on the charge status. The 24-volt power converter/battery charger offers reverse battery protection, electronic current limiting, and a two-year limited warranty., 269-781-4241

Accuride Corporation Accu-Armor™ aluminum wheelsAccuride Corporation Accu-Armor™ aluminum wheels undergo a proprietary, multistep, post-production treatment process that texturizes, anodizes, and seals the surface without changing or compromising the wheels’ original form, fit, or function. As a result, Accu-Armor aluminum wheels are highly resistant to scratching and scuffing, filiform corrosion, high- and low-pH chemicals commonly used in truck washes, and common chemicals used in deicing road surfaces. Accu-Armor aluminum wheels are also proven to be durable under extended exposure to heat and UV light and will not chalk or fade. They are easy to clean and require very little maintenance while featuring an attractive, distinctive appearance., 812-962-5000

C.E. Niehoff 14-volt 360-amp C527 pad-mount brushless alternatorC.E. Niehoff 14-volt 360-amp C527 pad-mount brushless alternator produces 170 amps at 200°F at idle speeds, the highest power rating for an alternator to fit in the standard pad mount envelope. This unit is self-energizing and has remote battery voltage and temperature compensation capabilities. The C527 also is equipped with the latest bearing technology to ensure years of service., 847-866-6030

CrewBoss special use trailerCrewBoss special use trailer is used to carry the company’s Fire Rehab CB-16 tent and HVAC systems equipment to encampments. The light military rehab trailer (LMRT) is built off of a flatbed-style trailer that has double axles and all-steel construction. The LMRT carries an HVAC, 15-kilowatt generator, and three all-weather steel boxes for the CB-16 tents. The LMRT design allows responders to pull up to the staging area and erect the CB-16, then join the HVAC and generator together still on the trailer to provide heat and cooling for the shelters., 800-971-7201

Wildfire Automated Suppression and Protection System (WASP) is an automated wildfire protection system designed by a firefighter with more than 16 years of experience fighting wildfires in both British Columbia and Alberta. Mounted on a trailer, the completely self-contained unit provides a 25,000-watt diesel generator, powerful pumps, and more than 3,000 feet of line with 30 sprinkler heads. Enough to surround a major stadium like Toronto’s Sky Dome with an 80-foot barrier of water, the WASP can be towed to a location by most full-size pickup trucks and be easily deployed by two operators within 45 minutes. When firefighters are pulled out of an area for safety reasons, the WASP can be left behind, where it can pump water continuously for up to five days without supervision. The WASP can also be used to provide emergency lighting and power and can move extremely large quantities of water great distances in flood situations., 855-889-4697

TetraKO®, LLC TurboMixer and Wildland Skid firefighting systemsTetraKO®, LLC TurboMixer and Wildland Skid firefighting systems are for fire departments that desire either a stationary mixer and reservoir or a portable truck or trailer-mounted system. Both are designed for optimal delivery of TetraKO-the company’s environmentally safe, cornstarch-based water enhancer that transforms water into firefighting adhering gel. The TurboMixer allows large-batch mixing of TetraKO powder concentrate and water for storage in the system tank or for immediate pumping of the mixed TetraKO solution into the water tank of a fire apparatus. The Wildland Skid is engineered for operations where grassland fires are prevalent as well as areas of urban wildland interface. It can be used to protect structures in the path of a wildland fire and for all operations that require a portable truck or trailer-mounted system., 612-230-3550

Hannay Reels now offers the ESF Series reelHannay Reels now offers the ESF Series reel, designed for compact spaces found on many rescue vehicles when a minimal reel depth is required. This model consumes 70 percent less space than traditional reels yet maintains the same amount of hose or cable. It is suitable for rescue applications that call for live electric cable, air, twin hydraulic, or basic cord. A gear motor rewind is also included to produce even reverse speeds, eliminating the need for speed-regulating devices. As the most compact available, the ESF series does not sacrifice hose or cable life, despite a smaller drum diameter., 518-797-3791

Hurst Jaws of Life® S 700 series cutter designHurst Jaws of Life® S 700 series cutter design has improved blade geometry, which enables the forged shock-resistant tool steel blades to attain their maximum cutting capability at a five-inch opening. The blades on the S 700 Series cutters feature a 7.3-inch opening in the fully open position and are specifically shaped to generate a high degree of power at the tip of the blade. The tip of the blade on the new S 700 Series cutter has a punch-like design. Placing the crook of the inside cutter blade on the pillar-post weld flange, the tip of the outside blade is able to more easily punch through the highly reinforced areas of the A-posts and B-posts while maintaining the tool’s position outside the vehicle., 800-537-2659

Bullard's Eclipse LD thermal imagerBullard’s Eclipse LD thermal imager combines the compact, sleek design of the Eclipse and is equipped with LCD technology on a large 3½-inch screen. The Eclipse LD, weighing only two pounds, is available with a 160 x 120 or a 320 x 240 ultra-high-resolution infrared engine, providing firefighters with a personal-issue thermal imager that serves as a complete analytical tool. The Eclipse LD can be equipped with optional advanced features including Bullard’s exclusive Electronic Thermal Throttle® (ETT), Super Red Hot colorization, and temperature measurement. Standard on all Eclipse thermal imagers is the ability to load customizable start-up graphics. The Eclipse LD is also equipped with the myBullard™ personal control panel for users to register, inventory, maintain, service, and enhance their thermal imaging products and accessories., 877-BULLARD

Whelen Engineering professional-grade LED lightingWhelen Engineering professional-grade LED lighting in a 360° remote-control spotlight is suitable for utility linesmen, construction, marine, fire, and law enforcement applications. New Pan & Tilt™ Series features wired or wireless control and all the heavy-duty attributes of LED lighting that make this an adaptable resource for where search work/scene lighting is required. Proportional pushbutton control provides quick and easy operation for panning 210° left or right, 90° upward, or 20° down. Spotlight returns to home position when turned off. Heavy-duty LEDs are rated for thousands of hours and provide 1,475 lumens while drawing only two amps. They feature a permanent- or flange-mount polycarbonate base and dome., 860-526-9504

Waterous PASSPORT™ fire pumpWaterous PASSPORT™ fire pump seamlessly integrates aluminum and composite components to create a single-stage fire rear-mount pump that is EN 1028- and NFPA 1901-compliant and has received the China Compulsory Certificate (CCC) Mark. It meets the NFPA 1901 rating of 500 and 750 gpm at 150 psi and EN 1028 ratings of 2000 and 3000 l/m at 10 and 15 bar. Other features include a unit that is maintenance-free (oil-free primer, self-lubricated sealed bearings, and mechanical seal), built-in automatic primers with manual shutoff, weight of less than 200 pounds, a five-year warranty, and availability in bronze., 651-450-5000

Weddle W-TOOL Master KitWeddle W-TOOL Master Kit includes tools that provide quick and easy solutions for door breaching, stabilization, rescue strut, and ventilation operations. The kit includes one W-Tool Quick-Change, one W-PR (post ram) Quick-Change, one complete Quick-Change tip kit with carry case, one W-Tool four-point fan hanger kit, and two additional carry cases (W and W-PR Tools)., 877-79W-TOOL

treamlight® super-bright, rechargeable HID LiteBox® searchlightStreamlight® super-bright, rechargeable HID LiteBox® searchlight features a heavy-duty 12-volt DC power cord that can be connected to the lantern to provide continuous operation. The portable lantern features high-intensity discharge (HID) technology, providing users with an ultra-bright light that can illuminate objects more than one mile away with its long-range beam. The new model gives users the flexibility of using the lantern as a corded light by plugging the included remote power cord into a DC power source. The lantern combines a 35-watt HID Xenon lamp with Streamlight’s deep-dish parabolic reflector technology to deliver 3,350 lumens and one-million-candela peak beam intensity. The searchlight produces a long-range, high-intensity focused beam that is suitable for search and rescue operations and illuminating public areas, roadways, or accident scenes., 610-631-0600

The HAIX® BLACK EAGLE™ boot lineThe HAIX® BLACK EAGLE™ boot line is lightweight, sporty, and multifunctional. BLACK EAGLE comes in two different function and design lines. The “Athletic” is characterized by a light, microfiber design. The “Tactical” all leather series is designed using Sun-Reflect technology, which minimizes the heating effect of leather in direct sunlight. Both lines are available in three different heights for use both on the job and off. Features include a double-hole frame system that stabilizes the foot, a built-in stone shield that prevents sharp and uneven surfaces from pressing through to the foot, pronation support that prevents the arch from falling inward, an energy return system that allows for maximally efficient energy use, and an oil- and gasoline-resistant rubber sole. Interaction of the HAIX climate system with the integrated GORETEX® membrane ensures water-tightness and breathability at the same time., 859-281-0111

Task Force Tips folding pistol gripTask Force Tips folding pistol grip cuts three inches off storage space, deploys and locks on demand, and retracts with the push of a button. The folding pistol grip was a direct answer to customer’s requests. After more than six months in design and product testing, the new folding pistol grip adds a little less than half a pound to the nozzle’s total weight. When in place, reaction force will push the pistol grip, keeping it in the locked position. Its design allows the nozzle to fold down and store against hose.The folding pistol grip kit, HM792-KIT, is in stock and available. The kit will fit everything that TFT has made since 1995 in handheld nozzles., 800-348-2686

True North Gear Hydro-Speed ReservoirTrue North Gear Hydro-Speed Reservoir for all its hydration compatible packs features a slide seal across the entire top end of the reservoir allowing for a big opening. This feature allows easier cleaning and filling solutions by being able to turn it inside out. The reservoir still features a baffle system, which maintains a flat shape, conforming to the user’s back and reducing water sloshing. The reservoir also has a self-sealing plug-and-play connector for the drinking hose, making it quick and easy to connect and avoiding any leakage. The reservoir is FDA-approved and PVC- and BPA-free., 800-873-572

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