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HI-FOG® Water Mist Fire ProtectionHI-FOG® Water Mist Fire Protection has received Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listing for use in Ordinary Hazard Group 1 (OH1) applications. The UL listing, combined with the existing Factory Mutual (FM) Light Hazard (LH) system approval, makes HI-FOG the only water mist system approved by both organizations to protect commercial buildings such as data centers, museums, offices, hospitals, high-rise buildings, and hotels. The HI-FOG system uses high pressure to force pure, potable water through specially designed and patented sprinklers. The result is a mist of fine droplets with an increased surface area that absorbs heat efficiently through vaporization. The mist also rapidly cools the surrounding area, facilitating a safer escape for occupants. HI-FOG systems are easy to customize and feature small, bendable stainless steel tubes. HI-FOG is an environmentally sustainable solution requiring up to 90 percent less water than traditional sprinklers., 508-231-2536

DragonWear FR Leg Gaiters provide continuous protection between the lower pant leg and the boot for fire-resistant protection. Not only do the leg gaiters protect from foul weather and pant legs shredded by thorns, but the fire-resistant Nomex/Aramid will also protect from flash fires or flame and ember burns. The DragonWear FR Leg Gaiters feature Kevlar®/ Nomex® Rip-stop uppers and waterproof Ara-Shield on the bottom to protect legs from the harsh conditions. The Gaiters are secured on top with ¾-inch-wide FR webbing and buckle and hook to the boot lace on the lower edge. The whole leg gaiter is secured with rip-and-stick two-inch-wide FR closures to allow for easy on/off, and a tapered ankle design provides a snug fit around the boot., 800-873-5725

SAMALITE HD200 Portable Lighting SystemSAMALITE HD200 Portable Lighting System comes in a variety of models designed to meet specific lighting requirements for first-alert environments where nothing less than maximum lighting, light weight, and equipment versatility is demanded. Three battery types and two lighting elements produce up to 3,200 lumens for six hours. Weight is 3.75 pounds. Units will withstand subzero temperatures. The system comes with a stable support base and 36-inch adjustable floodlight mast., 609-518-3521

Hexagon Water DamHexagon Water Dam is a Waterwall water storage unit developed to help fight remote fires. The inflatable Waterwall dam provides additional rapid water storage for apparatus where main water supply is unavailable. The Waterwall dam allows a tanker to empty water into the unit and leave a location to refill. Meanwhile the fire apparatus can draw water from the Hexagon storage unit. The Waterwall dam comes flat packed in its own valise and can be quickly inflated using readily available air pumps or compressed air supply. As soon as the dam is inflated, the device is ready to receive water. It withstands uneven ground and gentle slopes, making it a viable option for remote and rural fire response locations. It measures three feet, three inches by 14 feet, three inches by 12 feet, three inches when inflated, but can be adjusted in size and capacity to suit client needs and requirements. The unit shown weighs 127 pounds when empty and can hold 2,745 gallons., 800-363-6066

HinderRUSTHinderRUST is a multi-use product for industries using machinery and tools, extending the life of valuable equipment by keeping it moving and rust-free. More specifically, areas include line machinery, all modes of transportation, submersible pumps, gas and electric motors, diesel, towing equipment, farming, construction/grading/excavation, turbines, chemical engineering, manufacturing and maintenance, offshore drilling, car wash systems, and high-performance racing teams. As a lubricant, HinderRUST uses the technology from Tufoil to keep everything moving smoothly-motors, joints, and bearings. A variety of packaging is available including four-ounce cans, eight-ounce spray bottles, one-gallon jugs, five-gallon cans, and 55-gallon drums., 201-825-8110

Sentinel Patriot 3.1 service pack (SP) 1 solution provides 12 enhancements that improve the flexibility, usability, configuration and security of the product and increase interoperability with third-party systems. New features and capabilities included in the SP1 release provide for improved high-volume call processing with redundancy and resiliency. The added blind transfer support for emergency calls allows administrators to set permissions for call takers to perform unsupervised “cold” transfers for situations that do not require a “warm” handoff to another call taker, as is the case with nonemergency calls. With the enhanced Priority Queue Overflow, priority queues can transfer excess calls to overflow queues. Another enhancement supports the manual switchover of the Patriot Communications Server (PCS) without requiring a database resynchronization, aiding in upgrades, testing, and diagnostics with minimal site impact., 951-719-2100

75920 master disconnect switch and the 95060 Series ignition switch75920 master disconnect switch and the 95060 Series ignition switch have sealed engineered-plastic bodies that help fleets endure the extremely corrosive effects of winter road salt brine. The high-amperage capacity 75920 master disconnect switch protects vehicles from tampering, theft, and battery drain. Made of a sturdy, composite, engineered polymer housing, the switch has been tested in accordance with SAE J1455 for salt corrosion. Designed to withstand full immersion and keep working, the 75920 has an integral lockout feature that helps with lockout/tagout compliance. The heavy-duty switch can be used at 300-A continuous or up to 3000-A intermittent duty. The 95060 Series ignition switches include multiple electrical configurations, the single-key-code model 95060-23, and the 95061 lever ignition switches. Each of the switches is made with an engineered plastic body that prevents corrosion from attacking the switch. The UL-approved switches are rated for 12- to 48-V applications., 617-268-2100

Pro-Series II Dryer LinePro-Series II Dryer Line offers two new control options: dual digital control and microprocessor control. All Pro-Series II Dryers with microprocessor controls now offer an optional linen life extension (LLE) system-a moisture sensing feature engineered to prevent overdrying, extend linen life and increase energy-efficiency. Finally, electric heating is now available on the 125-pound capacity single-pocket dryer, previously only available in natural-gas and steam-heated models. The dryer line is available in 30-, 40-, 60-, 85-, 125-, and 175-pound-capacity single-pocket models and 30- and 45-pound-capacity dual-pocket stack models. They feature electronic ignition, which reduces drying time and conserves energy; a modular electrical system for added reliability and easy servicing; and a multiple-burner heat system to efficiently reach desired temperatures., 800-256-1073

TNT Claw pry toolTNT Claw pry tool especially designed for security doors that open out. The old way of hit, pry, hit, pry, hit, pry can now be changed to hit, hit, hit, pry. The harder you hit the Claw the faster the jam spreads. The Claw is engineered to curve past the door stop, spreading the door and jam to one inch. The head of the Claw consists of high-carbon, heat-treated steel. The handle is one inch in diameter, with a grooved hand hold. The Claw weighs 12 pounds and is 27 inches long. 303-794-4741

Web-based drawing solution for emergency responder Web mapping software.Web-based drawing solution for emergency responder Web mapping software. It is intended for use by federal, state, and local governments, and other emergency responder organizations. The first deployment of the technology is by Defense Group, Inc. (DGI). The company will market this drawing solution as part of its CoBRA® WEB Mapping within the CoBRA Crisis Management and Emergency Response business unit. Initial targets are fire departments, EMS organizations, bomb squads, hazmat teams, and police departments as a situational awareness tool to assist in collaboration of first responders and emergency operation centers. CoBRA® WEB mapping allows users to quickly develop situational awareness by viewing all essential information on a map, down to street-level detail. It provides a common operating picture, where emergency personnel can log in and collaborate on a single universal map, which can be viewed and updated in real time to reflect changing events on the ground. Users of the map can draw and mark up incident information from anywhere, saving time, minimizing property losses, and protecting the safety of personnel and the general public. The system has been designed to easily track assets and resources, as data is automatically fed into a map from the incident site, as well as reach back assets and command centers., 571-421-8300

W-TOOL "QC" with quick-change headsW-TOOL “QC” with quick-change heads allows non-destructive door breaching and more in a one-person tool. Features include no hoses or cords for one-person operation; QC heads that provide door-breaching and rescue capabilities; fast and simple head changes, even with a gloved hand; optional heads that include V-block, spear point, and metal piercing; 25-pound battering-ram function for rapid intervention; a flat (breaching) head; shoulder strap; and integrated LED light., 877-799-8665

RZ MaskRZ Mask is made from neoprene material and equipped with an N99 Active Carbon filter to filtrate 99.9 percent of particulates as small as smoke and odors. The mask covers the nose and mouth and has seen applications in firefighting, mining, quarrying, agriculture, and more than 40 other uses. The RZ Mask comes in more than 20 designs and colors and is available at and at various motorsports and construction dealers around the country., 888-777-9422

RUL-9 portable hazardous area lightRUL-9 portable hazardous area light provides high-power, durable operation, rechargeable capability, and five hours of illumination in a Class 1 Div. 2 approved hazardous-location-rated package. It provides a strong light beam and long run times on a single charge of its lithium-ion batteries. Equipped with an integral carry handle, rear mounted LEDs and articulating head, this portable light is suited to a wide variety of uses including industrial applications, utility work, military and law enforcement, fire/rescue, and emergency services. The RUL-9 produces 120,000 candlepower and is constructed with a high-strength nylon body with rubberized coating to withstand demanding service. It is not necessary to fully discharge the batteries before recharging. The included charger will not overcharge, and the unit can be left sitting for up to 18 months without losing its charge or experiencing a decrease in battery service life., 800-369-6671

Hydraulic portable tank systemHydraulic portable tank system, Model PTS-HA combines Zico’s Portable Tank System design with the added strength and reliability of self-contained hydraulic actuators, providing a more even, parallel operating motion. These hydraulic actuators create a stronger, more rigid system allowing for a hard cover and one hard sleeve to be mounted directly to the tank box-no additional hardware or adapter kits required. The PTS-HA securely stores a portable tank over the side compartments of an apparatus and lowers to a convenient height at the flip of a switch for quick, easy, and safe tank retrieval. The rugged, cast aluminum system sustains a maximum load of 500 pounds and can stow portable tanks up to 36 inches by nine inches when collapsed. Available now for installation on new or existing apparatus. For mounting a single hard sleeve directly to the top of the tank box, ask for the Horizontal Hard Suction Kit, Model HHS-TM-1. An adapter plate kit, Model PTS-HA-ETA is also available for mounting the PTS-HA beside an elliptical tank. Both accessories sold separately., 800-711-FIRE

SL-20L and SL-20LP rechargeable flashlightsSL-20L and SL-20LP rechargeable flashlights use C4® LEDs to deliver up to 350-lumens measured system output and 60,000-candela peak beam intensity for long-range beam distance. The lights also feature a deep-dish parabolic reflector, which optimizes peripheral illumination while providing a tight, focused beam. Each of the lights offers three microprocessor-controlled, variable-intensity modes, as well as a strobe setting. On the high setting, the lights deliver 350 lumens and two hours of continuous run time. On the medium setting, they provide 160 lumens and four hours of run time. And on low, they offer 10 lumens and 50 hours of run time. The run time for strobe mode is four hours for each. The C4 LED is impervious to shock and has a 50,000 hour lifetime. The SL-20L and SL-20LP lights weigh 1.7 and 1.3 pounds, and measure 13.1 and 13.2 inches in length, respectively. The SL-20L is constructed from machined aircraft-grade aluminum with a Type II anodized finish. It is available in black. The SL-20LP is made of lightweight, impact-resistant nylon polymer designed with a non-slip rubber comfort grip. This model is available in high-visibility yellow, safety orange, or non-glare black. Both lights are available with either a five-cell, 6.0-V Ni-Cd or Ni-MH sub-C battery that is rechargeable up to 1,000 times., 800-523-7488

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