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BullEx vehicle fire training and helicopter live training propsBullEx vehicle fire training and helicopter live training props feature multiple burn zones that create engine, passenger compartment, and fuel spill fires. The Maine ANG Fire Department, in Bangor, recently took delivery of both systems. The portable life-sized helicopter training system features movable main rotors as well as functional cockpit and cabin doors. The vehicle prop provides 40 million Btus of live propane flames and 2,000 pounds of heavy-gauge steel., 888-4BULLEX

5.11 Stryke Pant5.11 Stryke Pant with Flex-Tac™, Taclite Jean-Cut, and Covert Khaki pants fit a wide range of unique public safety situations such as hands-on duty situations, range training, office tasks, or a mix of all of these. The 5.11 Stryke Pant with Flex-Tac™ features lightweight, breathable, poly/cotton ripstop and incorporates mechanical stretch yarns, so the stretch and recovery of the fabric does not require spandex. The 5.11 Taclite Jean-Cut is made of Taclite fabric but with cut and styling like a five-pocket jean. There are nine pockets, including four multiuse pockets. The Covert Khaki 2.0 pants look like a regular pair of casual dress slacks, while keeping performance features and on-the-job functionality. They are soil- and stain-resistant and come out of the wash ready-to-wear., 866-451-1726

Mobile Concepts i-SCOTTY fire safety houseMobile Concepts i-SCOTTY fire safety house makes learning fire safety and prevention more hands-on and interactive. By engaging the audience with live and life-like special effects in the kitchen stage, the experience becomes more like a performance than a lesson. The i-SCOTTY offers touch screen operation, audience interaction with the on-screen character to allow for ample opportunities for instructor-guided education, reactionary special effects with the Q and A session, stimulating décor, and special effects that engage the senses. Visitors’ eyes focus on a smoky atmosphere, and lights of varying intensity set the overall mood to guide visitors through the performance. As the musical score lowers, visitors’ ears catch audio cues that tell them something is catching fire in the oven. As the fire’s intensity builds, the temperature rises in the “kitchen,” especially when the instructor mistakenly opens the oven door and the fire flares up dangerously. With a turn of the knob, a stove top burner ignites under a pan emitting sounds of frying oil, and eventually smoke and stovetop flames imitate a grease fire. Demonstrating proper technique, the instructor places a cookie sheet over the pan before turning off the burner and directing the attention to the monitor mounted over the stove playing an informative video., 800-783-0213

Waytek, Inc. power distribution vehicle electrical centersWaytek, Inc. power distribution vehicle electrical centers engineered and manufactured for specific applications. Single Vehicle Electrical Centers (VEC) and Dual Vehicle Electrical Centers (DVEC) are widely used power distribution modules for DC-powered vehicles. Fire Trucks use the VEC and DVEC for distributing main and auxiliary “add-on” power applications. They are also commonly used as engine controllers, transmission controllers, and ABS brake system control modules. The VEC and DVEC accept standard 2.8- mm wide terminals including mini fuses, mini circuit breakers, relays, flashers, diodes, and more. They allow users to eliminate external jumpers and splices in wire harnesses that are subject to the harsh environments, and give users a protected centralized unit for power distribution. The VEC can accommodate up to two input connectors—four bladed inputs or two studs—and four output connectors. The DVEC can accommodate up to twice this amount., 800-328-2724

Lite Force Plus “Low Rider” Modern Helmets by Morning PrideLite Force Plus “Low Rider” Modern Helmets by Morning Pride are available at The new and improved Lite Force Plus “Low Rider” delivers a lower center of gravity using a six-point suspension system that provides 1.5 inches of adjustment and a wider interior for quick and easy custom fit. The specially made headliner cradles your head in comfort while it cushions overhead straps away from your hair and head. No adjustment to the suspension required for the best SCBA interface. Morning Pride creates durability using extreme heat and pressure to compress multiple layers of fibers and exclusive resins into an extremely strong yet shock-dissipating composite. Lite Force Plus helmets are made from the “FYR-Glass” formula composite. This shell material resists cracking, chipping, and peeling., 800-852-6088

Magnalight explosion-proof telephone with LED BeaconMagnalight explosion-proof telephone with LED Beacon provides safe and convenient telephone communications within hazardous locations. Rated Class 1 Division 1, the EPPH-229A explosionproof phone has classic phone functionality and offers hands-free operation, remote testing capability, and a flashing LED beacon to provide easy phone location in low-visibility conditions or emergency situations. Constructed of impact-resistant polyester plastic, the phone is waterproof, dust-proof, and designed to operate with both public and private networks. An LCD screen located above the full-feature keypad provides clear operating indicators. This phone operates with voltages ranging from 12 VDC to 60 VDC and offers an electronic bell ringer that produces 90 decibals at one meter, ensuring operators will hear incoming calls under noisy conditions., 800-369-6671

Pelican 9435 Remote Area Lighting System (RALS)Pelican 9435 Remote Area Lighting System (RALS) is Pelican’s first safety-approved LED area lighting system. It is a compact, 17.6-pound, portable area lighting system that boasts approvals from ETL (Class I, Div 2) CE and ATEX. It features a swiveling telescope mast that extends to nearly three feet, a 360-degree articulated light array, and a wide area handle for easy gloved grip and transport. The Pelican 9435’s next-generation LEDs and dual-power mode radiate 1,500 lumens in high and 750 in low. Powered by a maintenance-free rechargeable battery, the system offers up to five hours of peak brightness and takes eight hours to be completely charged when fully expended., 800.473.5422

Hurst Jaws of Life SC 350E combination toolHurst Jaws of Life SC 350E combination tool has the power and flexibility to help rescuers rip, cut, or bend steel as needed. The SC 350E will perform all these tasks without hoses or a power unit. The option to plug in and power the tool with a cord allows for continuous performance. Spreading force is up to 24,500 pounds. Pulling force is up to 11,015 pounds. Pulling distance is 14.6 inches. The unit weighs 43.7 pounds without cable plug or battery, and it meets cutting classifications of A6/B7/C7/D7/E7., 800-537-2659

CoreLogic Natural Hazard and Parcel Data product helps emergency responders and local governments improve their emergency planning, preparedness, and response efforts in the event of a natural hazard. The new offering bundles the company’s detailed natural hazard geospatial data, risk models, and comprehensive parcel database to provide city and county officials with a more accurate picture of potential hazard exposure in their region. This product offers a full complement of hazard information and provides comprehensive vulnerability analysis for an array of natural hazards, including sinkholes, wildfires, hail, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other damaging wind storms. The customizable tool also offers precise analysis of the geographic and typographic attributes that can enhance or mitigate natural disasters, such as soil susceptibility to earthquakes, flood risk based on water flow patterns, levees, coastal storm surge, land elevation, and proximity to rivers., 714-250-6400

Packexe SMASHPackexe SMASH eliminates the need to forcibly break and remove the glass, saving crucial time for fire and rescue personnel. Deploying Packexe SMASH can be completed by one person, helping to streamline the extrication process. Applying Packexe SMASH increases the strength of glass by approximately 42 percent, reducing the risk of breakage. By reinforcing the glass, it reduces the risk of the glass breaking, protects the rescue team and victim from glass fragments and dust, and helps enhance existing glass management practices. A Standard kit comprises a dispenser with 50 meters of perforated film, a handheld roll with 50 meters of nonperforated film, safety cutter, craft knife, squeegee, absorbent cloth, and drawstring bag., +44 (0) 1392 438191

Morphix Technologies Chameleon chemical detection safety kitsMorphix Technologies Chameleon chemical detection safety kits are for fire personnel, first responders, and law enforcement. Each Chameleon kit is for a specific toxic gas situation. Kits are available for clandestine methamphetamine labs or the newer “shake-n-bake” situations (Clan-Meth Lab Detection Kit), a hazardous material release/chemical spill (HazMat Detection Kit), or the newest trend in chemical or “detergent” suicides (Chemical Suicide Detection Kit). The Chameleon kits are field-configurable, easy-to-use, and hands-free to protect the safety of professional personnel. Each specialized kit contains a wearable and fit-adjustable armband and prepackaged sensor cassettes., 800-808-2234

Red Nano Light®Red Nano Light® measures just under 1.5 inches, is a powerful white LED light that carries 10 lumens, and features a 100,000-hour lifetime. Proceeds from the sale of each Red Nano Light® will help the programs of the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF). These contributions will assist the NFFF’s mission to honor the memory of those firefighters who made the ultimate sacrifice and to provide assistance for their families.

KME 109-foot AerialCat™ rear-mount ladderKME 109-foot AerialCat™ rear-mount ladder is mounted on a KME Predator tandem rear axle chassis with 500-hp engine. The ladder is available with an unrestricted 750-pound tip load dry and a 500-pound tip load while flowing 1,500 gpm. The ladder is constructed of 100,000-psi steel and is engineered with a 2:1 structural safety factor based on a 750-pound rated tip load and is third party P.E.-certified. With the elevation range of -8 to +80 degrees and combined with a “Store Front Blitz” monitor, firefighters can perform interior attacks with just the ladder and monitor. In addition, the new AerialCat is easy to maneuver with a short wheelbase and 16-foot outrigger stance., (800) 235-3928

Sempermed SemperSure nitrile examination glove is sterile, accelerator-free, and powder-free and is manufactured using the same technology as Sempermed’s SemperSure nitrile examination glove. SemperSure Sterile maintains the same fit, feel, and tactile sensitivity, while offering added protection of gamma sterilization for areas where the risk of infection is increased. Additionally, Sempermed’s accelerator-free SemperSure line helps decrease the risk of developing Type I and Type IV allergic reactions. SemperSure Sterile Nitrile Examination gloves are available in sizes small, medium, and large. SemperSure Sterile Nitrile Examination gloves are packaged one pair per pouch, 50 pouches per dispenser box, and six dispenser boxes per case, for a total of 300 pairs per case., 800-366-9545

Setcom Liberator™ fire wireless headsetSetcom Liberator™ fire wireless headset features “instant on,” which eliminates the need to turn the headset on and off. Using advanced motion sensor technology, the headset will shut down after 15 minutes of inactivity and will automatically turn back on when the firefighter grabs the headset. This allows emergency personnel to focus attention on their jobs vs. trying to find the on/off switch. Additionally, the Liberator headset features a 1,200-foot range in ideal conditions and up to 30 hours of continuous talk time, allowing for more uses with fewer charges. The headset can integrate a portable radio into the headset in addition to a mobile radio which allows a firefighter to simultaneously communicate over two radio channels: fireground and dispatch. Moreover, the fire wireless headset features a 128-bit encrypted wireless link for maximum security.
www.setcomcorp, 650-965-8020

ARGO 2012 750 8x8 HDi and Centaur 8x8 vehiclesARGO 2012 750 8×8 HDi and Centaur 8×8 vehicles have a low relative cost when compared to traditional fire and rescue vehicles, tracked hydrostatics, or light watercrafts. They balance a low terrain impact with a high payload capability for both personnel and gear. For 2012, the ARGO Fire Chief is an extreme-terrain-capable solution for delivering firefighting and rescue crews and equipment anywhere they are needed. A water tank, fire-suppressing foam tank, tool mounts, and an on-board basket for victims or cargo all come standard. ARGO has given its 750 HDi 8×8 the features that SAR and firefighting fleet managers are looking for, including lighter steering effort for all-day ease of use, a more powerful drive train for accomplishing the most rugged tasks, comfortable seating, and massive storage space.

Scott Safety 5,500-psi (5.5) cylindersScott Safety 5,500-psi (5.5) cylinders are available in 30-, 45-, 60-, and 75-minute durations. Scott Safety worked with manufacturers to ensure these products work with existing truck seats and brackets already in the market. A standard 6,000-psi compressor will be able to charge a 5,500 cylinder. The Scott Safety RevolveAir Charge Station has been tested and approved for use with the higher pressure cylinders. These cylinders will be compatible with Air-Pak 75 and Air-Pak NxG7 SCBA and will be available for shipment in January 2012 with full NIOSH and NFPA approvals. The 5.5 cylinders maintain SCBA form, familiar to users, but with up to an 11 percent reduction in profile and up to 15 percent reduction in weight to reduce user fatigue., 704-291-8300

General Dynamics Itronix GD400General Dynamics Itronix GD400 rugged handheld computer designed for mobile professionals whose jobs range from ensuring the public’s safety and working inside warehouses to maintaining utilities. Weighing less than eight ounces, the sleek GD400 handheld is equipped with ultra-sensitive GPS, a barcode scanner/imager, a high-resolution camera with flash, and a daylight-viewable, water-resistant touch-screen screen display. The GD400 hosts the Windows® Embedded Handheld 6.5 operating system that integrates quickly and easily with enterprise operations and IT networks. The GD400 is IP54-certified against dust and water intrusion and built to withstand multiple drops onto concrete. Other features include eight-hour battery life, 3.7-inch color touch-screen display, 3.2-megapixel auto-focus camera with flash, digital compass, Bluetooth®, 802.11 a/b/g/n, and cellular network connectivity., 800-441-1309

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