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Detcon’s Model SG1Detcon’s Model SG1 portable single-gas detector uses electrochemical sensor technology to detect and monitor any one of five gases: hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, hydrogen, oxygen, or sulfur dioxide. During normal operation the backlit LCD screen continuously displays battery life and real-time gas concentration in ppm for toxic models or concentration of percent for the oxygen deficiency model. The SG1 features advanced STEL and TWA functions to trigger a warning of prolonged exposure to a specified gas. Maximum and minimum gas concentrations can also be programmed and monitored. The portable gas detector features a touch-button interface with simple-to-follow display symbols. Users are alerted to hazardous conditions via three alarm indicator functions: vibration alert, LED alert lamp, and audible buzzer with low and high settings of up to 90dB. Weighing just 4.6 ounces, the SG1 is housed in a rugged ABS enclosure that includes a rubber sleeve for a high level of shock absorption., 713-559-9200

Ziamatic Corp.’s (Zico) QUIC-RELEASE Strapless Cylinder BracketZiamatic Corp.’s (Zico) QUIC-RELEASE Strapless Cylinder Bracket, Model QR-D-2, allows users to place a “D” cylinder in the bracket and press back through the latch to lock it into place—no straps are required. The heavy-duty backspring holds the cylinder snugly against the latch and prevents annoying rattling. To release the cylinder, slightly press it toward the backplate, squeeze the levers to disengage the latch, and allow the backspring to push the cylinder forward. The QR-D-2 holds standard aluminum, jumbo aluminum, and steel “D” gas cylinders with or without most regulators and is made with durable, easy-to-clean stainless steel. The bracket’s latch is plastisol-coated to protect cylinders. The latch handles are plastisol-coated for easy gripping and operation. The Strapless Cylinder Bracket has three holes for mounting vertically or horizontally as well as solo or side by side and fits within the dimensions of virtually all current “strapped” models for worry-free retrofitting. The QR-D-2 is third party tested to exceed current safety standards., 800-711-FIRE

BullEx’s Fire Safety TrailerBullEx’s Fire Safety Trailer has been supplied to the Fort Knox (KY) Fire Department. The department’s 27-foot fire prevention training trailer was custom-designed by BullEx engineers to feature interactive kitchen and bedroom emergency scenarios and an interior briefing room. Bullex SmartProp components include an integrated over-stove cabinet fire prop, trash can, and smoking outlet. The props respond to instructor controls and simulate the escalation of a residential fire with digital heat, smoke, and flames. The bedroom scenario, outfitted with an E.D.I.T.H. evacuation window, features a heated and smoking door prop, allowing for interactive hazard recognition and evacuation training. The Fort Knox Fire Prevention Division will seek to reduce fire losses in its community through hands-on fire prevention education., 888-4BULLEX

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.’s TruDefender FTi FTIR instrumentThermo Fisher Scientific Inc.’s TruDefender FTi FTIR instrument enables direct communication from response teams in the hot zone. Using embedded mobile phone technology, first responders are able to send chemical identification results via e-mail or SMS text to their incident commander (IC) or to the Thermo Scientific reachback team immediately following a scan. The ability to send comprehensive results, including chemical name, CAS number, and spectra, eliminates transcription errors and ensures that an IC has the required information to respond appropriately to a threat as quickly as possible. TruDefender FTi requires no additional hardware at incident command to receive messages, making implementation easy and efficient. Contacts are managed either directly on the instrument or via the Thermo Scientific customer support Web site., 978-657-5555

Tempest Fireco Towers’ AquamastTempest Fireco Towers’ Aquamast is for elevating monitors to provide a way to fight fires in areas difficult to reach using traditional firefighting vehicles. The Aquamast, a pneumatically operated telescoping mast, can support extended heights ranging from 13 to more than 40 feet and, with flow rates ranging from 260 to more than 1,650 gpm, can be equipped with many of today’s most popular monitors to provide a cost-effective, rapidly-deployable solution for fighting fires in urban areas with limited access due to narrow streets or traffic congestion. Small fire trucks, trailers, and even larger pickup trucks can be fitted with the Aquamast, making it suitable to any size department or budget. It can also be used in permanent installations such as refineries, where the need for remotely managed operation may be required., 800-346-2143

Waytek’s 24-LED Interior LED Dome LightWaytek’s 24-LED Interior LED Dome Light with sealed electronics offers high illumination. The light is a durable unit with fully sealed electronics protected from moisture, vibration, and corrosion. This makes the light suitable for heavy-duty applications like trucks and off-road equipment. The lens and housing are made from impact-resistant polycarbonate. It has a 100,000-hour LED life, which means it is capable of outlasting the equipment in which it is installed., 800-328-2724

Hurst Jaws of Life S 311E CutterHurst Jaws of Life S 311E Cutter is the sidekick to the bigger S 700E. The S 311E features a combination of cutting strength, large blade opening, and low weight. Its blade geometry means that it is fully optimized for vehicle extrication, providing more force at the right point. Rescuers can operate the tool using the power cord or switch over to battery mode for portability. Blade opening is 5.9 inches. It measures 33.8 by 8.8 by 11.4 inches and weighs 42.8 pounds without the cable plug or battery. It carries A7/B8/C6/D7/E7 certifications., 800-537-2659

Larson Electronics’ Magnalight PML-90LED-DP-120 90-watt LED spotlightLarson Electronics’ Magnalight PML-90LED-DP-120 90-watt LED spotlight is designed for heavy duty and professional applications. The light produces a 8,100-lumen light beam capable of reaching 2,400 feet in length and allows users to use 120-volt AC power or 12-volt DC current. An included weatherproof inline transformer that can be run from 90 to 295 volts AC allows this spotlight to operate with common 120-volt AC power as well as nine- to 50-volt DC current. Operators can mount and operate this spotlight anywhere AC or DC power is available. The unit is IP68-rated waterproof and can be mounted to vehicles, buildings, or any flat surface using a four-inch square mounting plate assembly that includes tensioned hinges to allow users to position the lamp once permanently mounted. A solid polycarbonate handle assembly incorporated into the adjustable mounting bracket provides easy adjustment of the light that stays in place once set, without removing or setting any pins or locking down any thumb screws., 800-369-6671

Protecto Wrap Company’s Protecto Extrication Wrap™ Rescue TapeProtecto Wrap Company’s Protecto Extrication Wrap™ Rescue Tape has been redesigned to include an easy peel edge tab to make it easier to deploy in the field. The tape is a self-adhering membrane that protects first responders as well as collision victims from sharp metal and glass edges. On arrival at an accident scene, emergency workers can quickly assess the situation using Protecto Extrication Wrap to harden the path of egress for safe rescue operations. To use the product, just peel and stick. With the addition of the new easy peel edge tab, the process is simple, even with firefighter gloves. The thin conformable facer allows the user to quickly cover sharp irregular areas that could potentially cause greater injury. Protecto Extrication Wrap can also be used to hold broken glass together for safe and efficient removal. It adheres to steel, aluminum, glass, vinyl, plastic, wood, and almost any painted or unpainted surface., 800-759-9727

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