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Storz stainless steel locking deviceStorz stainless steel locking device enhances equipment security. The stainless steel locking device can be installed on any manufacture’s four- or five-inch Storz fitting to safely secure caps, valves, or hoses. Applications for the locking device include protecting fire hydrant waterways, deterring the thefts of caps, preventing entry of obstructions into fire sprinkler system connections, securing temporary or emergency hoselines and valves, and to lockout/tagout out-of-service hydrants. A “Breakaway” lock is recommended for fire sprinkler Storz connections. The Storz Locking Device is made in the USA and is supplied with two pieces as a set with instructions., 800-420-4673

Retractable Vehicle StepRetractable Vehicle Step, Model VS-20-5 requires a 24- by nine-inch mounting surface. The VS-20-5 fits in the smaller, more restrictive spaces that most other steps can’t, making it suitable for tilt cabs and other apparatus with depth limitations such as air filters. It’s made from high-strength aluminum alloy and steel to withstand the wear and tear of the fire service, while providing an optimal stepping distance to reduce the wear and tear on firefighters. The VS-20-5 may be wired to the door interlock system to automatically extend when the door is opened and retract when the door is closed. Powered by a 12-V electric actuator, the step features a patented over-center locking mechanism to hold it extended rigidly in place. Powder-coated and plated for corrosion resistance, the step features a 20- by five-inch nonskid stepping surface with a six-inch drop and sustains a static load of 500 pounds. The VS-20-5 deploys in less than two seconds and may be retrofitted onto existing apparatus., 800-711-FIRE

C3VUE™ visual user environmentC3VUE™ visual user environment is Code 3’s next-generation, visual Web-based product configurator. C3VUE allows users to create, visualize, and specify their own lightbar (presently the Defender®, RX 2700CC, RX 2700™, 21TR™, and 21TR Plus). This includes specifying placement of modules within the lightbar, color combinations, additional upgrades and features, estimating cost, and ordering. C3VUE employs an intuitive step-by-step approach to help users create the perfect lightbar specification and the visualization to accompany it. With this tool, users can create a customized ready-to-build lightbar. This allows users to print, save, or email a color copy. It also allows users to view a detailed list of options selected and an estimated price. A unique configuration ordering number is generated with each configuration, for ease of ordering., 314-426-2700

POLY-TANK®III has three new features. First, color-coded fill towers identify water and foam towers. A blue tower indicates the water fill tower. The foam towers are identified by the yellow, green, and black color coding. Second, the PolyProSeal™ design consists of a sealant material that is placed in a groove between the welded plastic sheets. This sealant prevents water or foam from escaping from the tank should there be a separation in the welds. Third, the Tanknology™ tag provides specific information for each tank in an accessible location on the apparatus. Every tag contains a unique QR code to be scanned using a smart phone. The Tanknology™ tag will allow for the registering of your product, access to product bulletins, the printing of certificates of capacity, the review of engineering information, and the ability to request product literature., 800-638-8265

Magnalight LED10W-6R-HTMagnalight LED10W-6R-HT is a durable and compact LED light that offers high light output and a combined handle and magnetic mounting system to provide both convenient mobility and secure mounting of the unit on any surface that will accept a magnet. This lightweight LED light produces 5,400 lumens and is capable of throwing a light beam greater than 600 feet long yet uses less than half the amount of electrical power as comparable incandescent lamps. Capable of operating on any voltage from nine to 50 VDC, this unit is suitable for use on boats, vehicles, equipment, and anywhere a common 12- to 24-VDC current source is available. An extruded aluminum body housing six Seoul Z-Power 10-watt LEDs provides IP68-rated waterproof protection for the internal electronics, while unbreakable polycarbonate lenses protect the LED and reflector assemblies., 800-369-6671

Pelican i1075 HardBack™ casePelican i1075 HardBack™ case is watertight/crush-resistant armor for the iPad and iPad 2. Fitting in most soft bags, the case features a molded foam system designed to protect and secure the iPad or iPad 2, along with an Apple Bluetooth wireless keyboard, a power adapter, ear buds, and download cables. The foam system also acts as an easel for the device in either horizontal or vertical positions so the user can work straight out of the case. The case is drop-tested from heights of up to three feet and can survive the rigors of travel because of its high-impact heat- and chemically-resistant polymer shell that will stand up to harsh conditions. It also features a strong, easy-snap, polymer latch to ensure the case stays closed in rough situations and an o-ring seal that ensures that it stays watertight in up to three feet of water., 310-326-4700

BullEx 27-foot fire safety and fire sprinkler trailerBullEx 27-foot fire safety and fire sprinkler trailer has been delivered to the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo in Fort MacMurray, Alberta, Canada. The municipality’s mobile fire prevention training environment features a kitchen and a bedroom emergency scenario and a briefing room. The integrated training props provide realistic emergency scenarios that escalate in real time. BullEx engineers custom-designed the interactive live-fire sprinkler demonstration room with the installation of an I.T.S.™ live-fire extinguisher training system surrounded on three sides with heat-resistant tempered glass and aluminum. The I.T.S. can also be removed for portable extinguisher training lessons. CSA-approved components include safety shutoff valves, propane hoses and a quick-disconnect system., 888-428-5539

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