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UL-listed four- and five-inch Storz fire department connectionsUL-listed four- and five-inch Storz fire department connections are used as auxiliary inlets to supplement a fire protection system’s water supply. Their design enables quick connection of large diameter hose (LDH) by fire departments to fire sprinklers or standpipe systems. The coupling reduces the typical connect time for emergency responders versus traditional threaded appliances. Kochek offers a complete line of forged firefighting Storz connectors that are manufactured to the same exacting standards of quality and performance., 800-420-4673

Night Com® UV flashlightNight Com® UV flashlight features six UV LEDs to provide ultraviolet light for a variety of detection purposes. The new light also provides a white LED for general and distance use. Offering three separate lighting modes, the lithium-battery-powered Night Com UV features a white C4® LED and a total of six UV LEDs, including three 365-nanometer and three 390-nanometer UV LEDs. A mode-selection switch allows users to easily choose the desired lighting mode, including a high- or low-power white LED setting or the UV LED setting. The light also features a “safety” mode that ensures the it cannot be turned on by mistake during transport. The light’s C4 LED has a textured reflector that provides a widespread beam, along with a sharp hotspot for distance use. It boasts a 50,000-hour lifetime and offers 115 lumens and 4,200 candela peak beam intensity on the high setting and 50 lumens and 1,600 candela on the low setting. On the UV setting, the combined six UV LEDs provide 24 mW measured system output and feature a 100,000 hour lifetime., 800-523-7488

ELF Series low-height reelELF Series low-height reel is designed for compact spaces on rescue vehicles where specific height requirements must be met. It takes up 70 percent less space than traditional reels while maintaining the same amount of hose or cable. It is suitable for utility and breathing-air hose in rescue applications. It does not sacrifice hose or cable life despite a smaller drum diameter. The reel features a gear motor rewind designed to produce even reverse speeds, eliminating the need for speed-regulating devices. It is compatible with all rescue reel types: air, twin, hydraulic, and cord., 877-467-3357

Long-term evolution (LTE) solution for the United States public safety market is the only network with a corresponding push-to-talk smart phone that offers a fully distributed architecture for the public safety and first responder communities. The complete offering consists of a comprehensive network management system using the LTE core broadband network, a push-to-talk smart phone device operating on the LTE network, and applications that support first responders in the field. The resilience of Thales’s LTE distributed architecture allows dispatchers to successfully communicate messages between several interconnected base stations, towers, and first responders even if one of the base stations or towers is out of service. The distributed architecture at the core of the Thales LTE network will also provide users with added security and flexibility by taking away the risk of a single point of failure in the system. As part of its total offering, Thales developed a push-to-talk smart phone for the public safety market. The device allows micro and macro mobility in a distributed LTE network environment, allowing for interoperability with a multitude of agencies on the same frequency. The handset provides a comprehensive voice, data, and video recording and streaming package. These features permit users to quickly cascade critical information in real-time to their teams in the field and to report images and video that address situational awareness.

Horizontal Helmet PouchHorizontal Helmet Pouch, models PGPB-2 & PGPY-2, are horizontal alternatives to the vertically-aligned Model PGP-1. The pouches are suitable for mounting to the front of crew-cab seats and other areas with restrictive height requirements. The strong, durable, PVC-coated polyester pouches include grommets for simple and secure mounting to virtually all flat surfaces. Use the pouches to quickly stow a helmet, gloves, small tools, or personal effects on the way to the scene. The large, one-hand buckles keep the helmet secure and are easy to operate with or without gloves. They are NFPA 1901-09 compliant and third-party-tested to exceed the 9G standard for use inside a crew compartment. Fits all current traditional, contemporary, and wildland helmet styles. With no hard edges, the collapsible pouches make for a safe and economical storage option., 800-711-FIRE

Universal Mounting SystemUniversal Mounting System is for tools and equipment in mobile and stationary applications. The product, called the Multi-Mount Chanl Panl, was originally developed for use in emergency services apparatus. The panel allows users to slide in bolts or nuts in several channels to secure brackets and mounts. The system provides a clean and universal surface without having to drill multiple holes for equipment mounting. This product is simple for the installer to cut and attach to whatever surface needed. It is available in four- by eight-foot sheets, can easily be cut with a battery powered saw, and bolted in place with the appropriate fasteners., 330-659-4212

FDX G1 structural gloveFDX G1 structural glove provides dexterity, a 60+ TPP, and conductive heat-transfer protection. The TPP score comes from using all full-grain leathers and the Kovenex-R thermal liner. Protection is provided by the five-layer back that has full-grain cowhide, full-grain pigskin, Pyrotect moisture barrier, and two layers of Kovenex-R thermal. The palm is full-grain goatskin with an additional full-grain pigskin palm strap. Reversed leathers are used on the palm for extra grip. The G1’s dexterity comes from both its materials and its design. Roll-over, seamless fingertips provide tactility, while precurved, ergonomically designed fingers add to the total dexterity. Each finger is constructed of four panels of leather around the finger to give it a three-dimensional shape., 330-723-0000

The Rural Firefighting Handbook, Second EditionThe Rural Firefighting Handbook, Second Edition covers a broad range of rural firefighting topics and features easily palatable chapters with clear, up-front objectives and end-of-chapter questions. It also covers the problematic issues seen during fire pump operations, including priming and drafting. To that end, the text has been expanded with several new chapters on pumps, pump priming, and drafting to help readers understand some of the issues commonly encountered during prefire water supply planning and when operating fire pumps from draft in the rural environment. The book is intended to help rural fire departments examine the fire service today and see how they fit into it. Numerous SOPs in the Appendix are tools with which rural fire departments can survey their service areas, determine needs, and evaluate their abilities to meet those needs., 610-715-7903

Work area LED lightWork area LED light (WALQP-1X150LED) is built to produce powerful illumination and rugged performance with an LED light head producing 14,790 lumens and a tower constructed of heavy gauge steel. This light tower is equipped with a 150-watt LED light head that is IP68-rated waterproof to three meters and a steel quad-pod constructed of heavy gauge steel. The LED lamp on this unit is constructed of thick aluminum with a scratch- and impact-resistant LEXAN lens. The heavy-gauge steel tower assembly is finished in a durable painted finish, and stainless steel hardware rounds out this unit’s weather and abuse-resistant construction. The LED lamp assembly on this tower operates on 120 to 277 VAC, produces 14,790 lumens, and will cover an area up to 18,000 square feet with bright white illumination. The light head is fully adjustable, and a set of solid wheels and 100 feet of abrasion and oil resistant cord gives this unit the range, easy movement, and coverage ability needed on larger sites. The tower mast is adjustable in two-inch increments and can be raised to 10 feet and lowered to seven feet, with spring-loaded pins for locking the mast at the desired height., 800-369-6671

ClearCollar® transparent adjustable cervical collar is for use during emergency patient transfer. Made of medical-grade transparent plastic, the cervical collar allows first responders and clinicians to continuously visually assess the patient’s neck region during patient transfer. Life threatening injuries to the neck or chest can go undetected with the use of conventional cervical collars. The ClearCollar reduces risk of an undetected injury or medical condition to the neck region during an emergency patient transfer. 877-955-2532

Flexible Electrical Center (FLEC™)Flexible Electrical Center (FLEC™) is a sealed box that holds circuit protection components in one compact, water-tight unit. FLEC is suitable for protecting vehicles with expensive and critical onboard ancillary equipment like motors, radios, floodlights, computers, and high-priced electronics. FLEC can be configured in numerous ways to hold a high density of breakers, fuses, diodes, relays, and other circuit-protection components. Installed in the battery box, where space is at a premium and where contents can be exposed to road splash, road salt, fire hose spume, and chemicals, FLEC is a solution for fire and police vehicles, ambulances, trucks, and utility vehicles. Its sealed power distribution module is configurable to customer schematics and its compact form and rugged design enable mounting in various locations on a vehicle., 617-268-2100

Chameleon® Training KitChameleon® Training Kit for law enforcement, responder, and agency training facilities and schools is used during training to help initial responders learn to identify the presence of toxic chemicals through a training Chameleon® armband with special inactive cassettes that show the difference between unaffected cassettes and cassettes that read a chemical in the environment. Also included in the kit are blue training cassettes (50 total) and ammonia ampoules that enable the instructor to demonstrate, in a well-ventilated area, how the cassettes change color when exposed to a chemical. Responders learn how to use the Chameleon Training Kit and find that it is as simple as removing one of the gray cassettes from the Chameleon armband and replacing it with one of the blue training cassettes., 800-808-2234

Havis Ford Interceptor vehicle solutionsHavis Ford Interceptor vehicle solutions are consoles for the 2013 Ford Interceptor sedan and utility vehicles. Havis designed two consoles for each Ford Interceptor platform. The low-profile consoles are suitable for applications with smaller remote-control heads and less equipment. The standard consoles allow for larger equipment control heads to be mounted inside the console without protruding and becoming a safety hazard. These consoles allow full access to OEM dash controls, USB ports, and power outlets, regardless of model., 800-524-9900

HeartStart MRx Monitor/DefibrillatorHeartStart MRx Monitor/Defibrillator for emergency medical services (EMS). The newest innovations are based on extensive feedback from EMS professionals. Each enhancement is designed to help professional responders optimize workflow and include: tactical grey color option designed to show less dirt and wear over time; automatic lead switching, which allows users to focus on the patient, not the monitor; improved ECG performance, including new “ruggedized” EMS lead sets; flexible event summary print options for enhanced workflow; enhanced event markers, with the ability to enter drug dose and unit of measure; and auto switching from demand-mode to fixed-mode pacing if the primary ECG lead is lost., 978-659-3776

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