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ISG Infrasys X380 personal thermal imaging camera delivers the image clarity and features of a larger camera with high-resolution imagery and a full-size LCD, all housed inside a lightweight and compact system. The TIC can be custom-made to suit the exact requirements or budget of a fire department. With features such as intelligent focus and direct temperature measurement (DTM) installed as standard, customers can opt for a simplified version with a single-button setup for power on/off or up to a five-button configuration providing functionality like the new Cold Spot Tracker that allows first responders to locate and pinpoint thread or valve gas leaks or the Hot Spot Tracker that allows the user to measure high temperatures in a dynamic way., 877-733-3473

Hannay Reels ECR1600 cable reel offers a live connection of power cable for direct wiring to a collector ring assembly with an electric rewind and switch and solenoid. The reel is designed for use on rescue vehicles for power tools, electric cable, and other uses that require a safe, continuous current during cable payout and rewind. The reel itself has a small footprint and can be customized to fit on any truck. The ECR1600 features a standard spring tension brake and a 45-amp, three-conductor, 600-volt collector assembly with #8 gauge wiring from the collector ring to the junction box. Additional conductors or higher amperage can be accommodated as well. The standard collector assembly has double copper graphite brushes with copper alloy rings for each circuit. A removable direct crank rewind and adjustable cam-lock drag brake are featured on manual rewind models, while a comet brake is also available., 877-467-3357

Larson Electronics LM-18-4X150RT-RB 18-foot telescoping LED light mast is an extendable tower lighting system that allows users to quickly and effectively illuminate large sites more than two acres in size. Featuring a rugged tower assembly constructed of heavy gauge steel, four 150-watt LED lamp heads, and a rotating base assembly, this light tower lets operators put powerful illumination right where it’s needed regardless of tower positioning. The LED lamp assemblies provide 48,000 lumens of light output. These LED lights are designed for use in demanding conditions and are waterproof and sealed against dust and dirt, making them well suited to abusive industrial and outdoor applications. This tower operates at 12 VDC and draws approximately five amps, making it easily powered by portable power sources such as rechargeable battery packs, heavy equipment, and vehicle electrical systems without producing excessive battery drain. The tower assembly is constructed from powder-coated steel and consists of a 10-foot-long lower section and a nine-foot upper section with one foot of overlap for strength and rigidity., 903-498-3363

FireSyte real-time monitoring services help ensure vehicles carrying first responders are prepared 24/7. FireSyte features automated instant alerts and reporting for public safety vehicles including tire pressure monitoring and GPS tracking to enhance safety as well as simplify maintenance and lower service costs. FireSyte tire pressure monitoring automatically collects and reports tire pressure data from apparatus while they are located in the fire station. Low-pressure alerts and fleet tire pressure reports are automatically sent via text or e-mail to a responsible party in the department. FireSyte maintenance monitoring can remotely retrieve and read J1939 and OBDII onboard diagnostics of fire apparatus. Subsequently, that information is relayed to a responsible party so that any problem area can be addressed before any emergency call is received. FireSyte Monitors with a GPS tracking option will automatically record and track the route taken by fire apparatus. When the units return to the station, tracking data are uploaded and can be used to provide needed information to complete a NFIRS report. FireSyte technology provides verifiable proof of response and arrival time to an incident, plotted over a satellite image, with the ability to track the response route and distance. FireSyte developed and submitted patents for a seat belt monitor that verifies firefighters are properly wearing seat belts when the apparatus is in motion., 412-337-0858

Pelican ProGear™ 2380 LED flashlight weighs 6.6 ounces with batteries and can change from spot beam to flood beam in a matter of seconds. Using patented Fraen dual reflector optics and Slide-Beam technology, the flashlight is a compact lighting solution that offers three modes: high (159 lumens), low (23 lumens), and momentary. The 2380 LED is powered by two AA batteries (included) and shines a bright, crisp beam for three hours and 15 minutes (high mode). To easily determine battery level, six tail cap clicks set the flashlight in indication mode. It will then signal one to four blinks (four blinks equals 80 to 100 percent), specifying battery level. Its Type II hard annodized aluminum construction makes it durable, and the antislip knurled pattern allows for all-weather usage., 310-326-4700

OPEN Incorporated, maker of the SafetyPAD® suite of technology products for emergency medical services (EMS), and INDMEX Aviation, a global provider of airport and surveillance solutions for airport authorities and air navigation service providers, have partnered to provide a totally integrated EMS incident response system that includes several capabilities: complete airport situational awareness, runway incursion warnings, and a records management enterprise system for airport first responders. The combined SafetyPAD-INDMEX offering will improve safety in the aircraft movement area, as well as increase efficiency, security, and accountability for airport personnel through the use of the eSQUIDER™ vehicle and personnel tracking system., 888-415-1399

Simplex® Aerospace SkyCannon™ high-rise building firefighting system uses a modified Simplex Aerospace STC’d belly tank in addition to the newly patented water cannon. The SkyCannon™ is capable of using both water and firefighting foam. The system also uses an infrared camera to help firefighters locate and target hot spots in real time. A distance measuring system is provided to assist the firefighter and the pilot in measuring the distance to the building for increased safety. The Simplex® Aerospace SkyCannon™ is the result of several years of research and development to determine the best method to combat high-rise building fires not accessible to ground-based firefighting equipment., 503-257-3511

AMDOR® ArtLIFT™ lifting and lowering aid is designed to help prevent injuries associated with handling heavy or awkward items. The compact design allows the ArtLIFT to be stored within a compartment. When released from its stored position, the ArtLIFT pulls out and deploys to provide a platform offering a lifting/lowering capacity of more than 550 pounds and is designed to suit a variety of vehicle configurations and compartment elevations., 877-462-6367

CET ULTRA POWER PAC (high-pressure system) skid unit. The portable pumps for these modules are diaphragm pumps or self-priming piston pumps mounted on a welded steel frame, protected against corrosion by epoxy paint. The axial feed hose reel is made of hot dip galvanized steel or, as alternative, made of a light alloy. It features a manual rewinding handle or electrical rewind. The hose reel is equipped with fog gun for full or nebulized jet. The portable pumps can be equipped with traditional foam mixing system or the new SHP system, which allows a constant control of the right output foam percentage., 450-568-2719

Globe Structural Series SUPRALITE™ boot is even lighter and more flexible by design. The all new and more aggressive outsole keeps the superior grip of the original while the uppers feature the world’s first use of DragonHide™-a Globe exclusive that is so tough that the company uses it to reinforce turnout gear. Together with the Globe FootGear fit, this footwear comes close to feeling like firefighters’ favorite sneakers while providing protection, support, and slip resistance., 800-232-8323

Harrington/AWG H1000 low-profile 12-inch depth, high-flow, ball intake valve offers a full flow ball that reduces friction loss to 0.1 psi at 1,000 gpm. This valve features a visual ball position indicator, ¾-inch bleeder, 30-degree elbow, and adjustable relief valve (75-250 psi). The bleeder and handwheel with folding knob can be mounted on the right or left side. The valve is burst tested to 900 psi. It is available from stock with numerous connections., 800-553-0078

University of Illinois Fire Service Institute (IFSI) updated Trench Rescue Technician Student Field Guide (TFOG). Originally introduced in 2012, the updated version has more comprehensive photographs and diagrams. The pocket-size guide was developed by IFSI instructor Heather Moore. The TFOG features incident command and technical rescue ops checklists, step-by-step intersecting trench shoring diagrams, manufacturer’s tabulated data, and OSHA interpretation reference material. A new section in the TFOG includes updated timber shoring and end wall shoring tabulated data from California State Fire Training., 217-333-3800

Kochek® Blue Streak Water Hose is durable, economical, and suitable for fire stations and trucks, bays, and outdoor maintenance. Blue Streak is a heavy duty hose available in 5/8- or ¾-inch-diameter construction, with kink and scuff resistance, and offering a reflective band for better visibility and station safety. Blue Streak hose has a 400-psi burst pressure rating for reliable performance for indoor or outdoor applications., 800-420-4673

Kussmaul PDS-100 programmable power distribution system, P/N 390-5711-0, is a six-circuit programmable power distribution system that provides a quick and easy way to connect, protect, and program power to emergency vehicle accessories. The unit provides six dedicated fused circuits configured in three load groups with four programmable modes including always on, ignition on/off, ignition with timeout, and low-voltage disconnect. The system is capable of powering radios, emergency lights, sirens, video, MDTs, radar, and more., 800-346-0857

Hannay F4000 Series reel is designed to reduce response time with quick payout capabilities, increase hose capacity, and speed cleanup. Specially engineered for booster hose, compact F4000 Series reels make the most of confined vehicle space with a compact design. These lightweight reels simplify handling long lengths of hose with a power rewind supplied with a comet brake or a direct crank rewind with a cam-lock brake. The F4000 Series accommodates single 3/4- or one-inch I.D. booster hose with pressures up to 1,000 psi and temperatures ranging from -60°F to 250°F., 877-467-3357

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