Apparatus Concerns for SBFPD

One of the biggest expenses and concerns for the Sunrise Beach Fire Protection District is apparatus. The district has a fleet of 17 apparatus housed at its five stations around the 58 square mile district.

With the financial burden of apparatus, an adequately funded apparatus maintenance budget to get all apparatus service tested and road worthy for 20-25 years was more realistic for the district.

To manage replacement, a recommedation was made for a grouping strategy with the purchase of a tanker in 2016, three tankers and four engines in 2024 and three engines and an aerial in 2033.

The board was advised to begin setting up a replacement schedule using the theory of discount rating. They would estimate the cost of the purchase at a future date, including factoring in the anticipated cost increase over time and the concept that a dollar today is not worth a dollar in the future, and divide the cost up over the years until the purchase is planned to be made.

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