Antique Fire Apparatus Stripped of Valuable Parts in Lee MA

For the second time in two weeks, the Lee Fire Company (MA) reported parts missing from its 1939 Maxim pumper stored in a secure garage.

Copper pieces, a chrome radiator, and a rare windshield frame were among the items stripped from the Lee Fire Co.’s (MA) vintage 1939 Maxim pumper truck.

Lee Fire Chief Alan Sparks said the only use for the parts, other than the fire engine itself, would be selling it for scrap.

The Lee Fire Company bought the fire engine from the town several years ago and planned to restore it some day. The company, consisting of Lee firefighters, is a private organization separate from the town’s Lee Fire Department.

Meanwhile, the fire company is expected to find a more secure and visible location to store the pumper in order to curb future thefts.

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