Antioch Historical Society Raising Funds to House Historic Fire Equipment

A 1927 fire truck may now get a permanent home at the Antioch Historical Society.

In 2000, former Mayor Jim Davis and education advocate Barbara Herendeen discussed the idea of showcasing firefighting history in Antioch.

In addition to the city’s donation of the historic fire truck, there is also a water hose wagon and a trailer.

The plan is to keep the 88-year-old equipment as a slice from the past, but also to educate for the future.

Before any of this takes place, the project committee needs about $20,000, which will be used to build a new facility on museum property. The city earmarked just that last week, but the historical society still will need more to get the project finished and for the upkeep.

Led by Don Freitas, the committee is moving quickly to secure the vital funds.

Once money is secured, a steel A-frame modular double garage will be installed on museum property, which is located on Fourth Street.

In addition to the three firefighting pieces, the small building will also house photos displaying fire history, the men and women involved and the volunteer program before the city had a fire department.

In addition to funding, the committee seeks any fire house artifacts such as photos, uniforms, equipment and “other interesting items” to be donated or loaned to the museum.

Fire House Project donations can be sent to 1500 W. Fourth St., Antioch, CA 94509. For more information, call 925-757-1326 or email AntiochHistoricalSociety@comcastnet.

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