Annual Awards Recognize Manufacturers For Innovation

Each year Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment magazine recognizes companies that have introduced new and improved products that we believe will have a significant impact on the fire service.


For 2010, KME receives the award for Best New Apparatus for its Legacy AerialCat 79-foot quint.


The apparatus, built on a Predator Panther single rear axle chassis, is designed to be affordable without sacrificing safety during these difficult times when departments are moving toward multi-functional apparatus.


The AerialCat ladder is 100,000-psi steel, has a 70-foot horizontal reach, an elevation range of minus-7 degrees to plus-80 degrees and has an unrestricted 500-pound tip load while flowing 1,500 gpm. It is also available in a 750-pound tip load version. The KME quint is easy to maneuver with a short wheelbase and a 14-foot outrigger stance.


Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment created a new category for 2010 – Best Environmental Innovation. Two apparatus manufacturers are receiving awards – HME Ahrens-Fox and Rosenbauer.


HME introduced what it calls the nation’s first “clean and green” emergency response vehicle – a pumper powered by a Cummins Westport compressed natural gas (CNG) engine and built on HME’s compact SFO chassis for maneuverability.


The Cummins Westport produces 320 horsepower and meets Environmental Protection Agency emission standards without the use of filters and exhaust gas treatment devices.


Rosenbauer is recognized for its concept custom pumper with Green Star Idle Reduction Technology built for the Tempe (Ariz.) Fire Department. In addition to saving on fuel, the Green Star system lowers emissions and reduces maintenance costs.


Green Star has an integrated automatic engine control, which turns off the main engine and starts an auxiliary power unit (APU) when the engine sits idle for a programmed period of time. The main engine consumes about one gallon of fuel per hour, compared to one quart of fuel per hour for the APU, which can run all emergency lights, scene lighting and the onboard air conditioning unit.




In the category of Best New Protective Gear, two manufacturers share the award for their structural firefighting boots – Lion Apparel and Honeywell Safety Products.


Lion’s new line of structural firefighting boots is available in pull-on and zip-lace designs. The pull-on, called the Marshall, is a 14-inch boot using a Crosstech fabric membrane, Cambrelle lining and Lenzi puncture-resistant midsole. The boot has a Lock-Fit Ankle Support system, along with a removable shock-absorbing foam footbed that’s anti-odor, anti-fungal and breathable. Lion’s zip-lace boot, the Commander, uses full Crosstech bootie construction with similar features and a heavy duty side brass zipper.


Honeywell Safety Products introduced its Pro 4200 structural firefighting boot, said to be the lightest firefighting boot available, weighing 4.9 pounds in a size 9. The Pro 4200 is designed to provide the comfort of a sneaker-type boot, the durability of a military-style boot and the chemical protection of a rubber boot.


In the Best New Apparatus Component category, three companies are recognized – Elkhart Brass for its DV10P 10-inch dump valve and Smart Power Systems and XRT Power Systems for working together to produce The liberator generator/rescue system.


Elkhart Brass developed the 10-inch dump valve in conjunction with Pierce Manufacturing for its PUC tanker. The unibody DV10P is a compact composite high-flow valve weighing less than 10 pounds, compared to 100 pounds for standard dump valves. The valve also is much smaller than standard dump valves, saving compartment space for critical gear and water. The DV10P can be removed in less than 10 minutes.


Rescue Tools


The liberator combines a Smart Power hydraulic-powered generator with a two-stage XRT hydraulic rescue tool pump integrated into one compact system. Three rescue tools can be operated simultaneously on the system with up to 100 feet of hose per tool with no loss of power. At the same time, the system can generate 20,000 watts of electric power for lighting or other accessories.


Hurst Jaws of Life receives the Best Rescue Tool Innovation award for its eDRAULIC line of hydraulic rescue tools that can be powered by either an onboard 25.2-volt lithium ion battery or a 110-volt shore line.


The new tools have self-contained hydraulic systems, each with its own reservoir, bladder and pump. On a fire apparatus, they take up about half as much space as traditional hydraulic rescue tools with power plants and hoses.



2010 Recognition Awards


Best New Apparatus

• KME AerialCat 79-foot aerial quint


Best Environmental Innovation

• Rosenbauer Tempe GREEN Star custom pumper

• HME Ahrens-Fox compressed natural gas pumper


Best New Protective Gear

• Structural firefighting boots by Honeywell Safety Products and Lion Apparel


Best New Apparatus Component

• Elkhart Brass 10-inch dump valve

• The liberator generator/rescue system by Smart Power Systems and XRT Systems


Best Rescue Tool Innovation

• Hurst eDRAULIC tools


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