Andover (MN) Approves Bond Sale for Fire Apparatus Purchase

The city of Andover received a 1.16 percent interest rate on a sale of $1.56 million in general obligation equipment bonds, which will be paid for over the next six years.

The bond sale is financing a number of different equipment purchases, but about $600,000 of this will be dedicated to the replacement of Ladder Truck No. 11 for the Andover Fire Department. The city set aside a similar amount of money in 2013 as well to pay for the new truck to spread out the cost over a couple of years.

Andover Fire Chief Dan Winkel, who is retiring before the end of May, was in the audience when the council approved the bond sale.

The new truck will have features the 1991 truck does not have that will make volunteer firefighters’ jobs much safer, according to Winkel.

Instead of being exposed while being perched on a 75-foot ladder, a bucket at the end of a 100-foot ladder will better protect firefighters from the intense heat of a fire that gets out of control, Winkel said.

“Yeah we had nozzle with water on it, but the firefighters aren’t protected. They were hanging out there, strapped to a ladder,” Winkel said.

“If the building should fail, if a roof or wall collapses, you now have all the open flame,” Winkel said. “It’s like holding a marshmallow over a fire. That ladder is hanging out there because you need it out there and now there’s no protection for them. That bucket platform is a huge improvement for us.”

The bucket includes an air hook-up, so the firefighters can stay up there for longer periods of time than the air tanks they carry would allow and there is a spray nozzle for water, according to Winkel.

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