An Inside Look at Army Fire Apparatus Maintenance

A new maintenance program has been designed by the 416th Theater Engineer Command to improve emergency response vehicle trucks across the Army Reserve.

Army Reserve firefighter detachments are only seven-soldiers strong. 

“We are 911 for Soldiers (who) are deployed,” said Sgt. 1st Class Brian Timm, a detachment commander for the 237th Engineer Detachment (Firefighting Team).

Army firefighters use gear regulated by the strictest national standards, but their needs are often neglected because their units are so small.

Lack of funding and lack of attention left behind rescue vehicles in serious need of repair.

Somebody needed to come to their rescue, for once, and they got it.

“My motivation is to make the firefighters within the Army Reserve … deployable and able to train in a safe manner … We’re actually going into real fires to train, and if your gear or your equipment fails, you’re in a live training environment,” said Timm. 

Even though Timm commands one firefighting team, he’s also in a position to impact the entire firefighting force. He serves as the logistics specialist for the “G4 Fusion Cell” at the 416th Theater Engineer Command (TEC). The team is responsible for equipping more than 300 engineer units across the Army Reserve.

“I love the ability to affect change on a scale like we do. To be able to upgrade the force with something they’ve never had before or support units that are deploying,” said Timm.

Together with his boss, Timm developed a program aimed to inspect, service and recertify all fire fighting detachments across his command, and beyond. The program is called the Military Apparatus Service Program (MFASP). 

Already, they’ve completed inspections for 42 firefighter detachments. Those units belong to the 416th and 412th TECs. Next, they’l service and certify a total of 84 vehicles for those units. These include the M1142 Tactical Fire Fighting Truck and the M1158 High Mobility Water Tender. Eventually, Timm hopes to expand the program to include 14 more Army Reserve firefighter units outside of the two TECs.

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