Ambulance Touch Control System

Life Line’s Elite Touch System is designed for maximum flexibility to meet the end user’s needs. With its standard touch screen & quick-hit buttons, interchangeable modules, real time monitoring, and backwards com-patibility, makes this system second to none. This system’s technology has been field tested & verified for over 20 years. 

Life Line’s Elite Touch System is a solid state Electrical Distribution System that is fully programmable & expandable. The Power Distribution Modules have the capability of being field interchangeable with no re-programming required, simple plug & play, providing the ease of serviceability.

With the end user & service personnel in mind, this system’s components are centrally located unlike some others in the market today. Including real time monitoring of all critical functions as well as LED diagnostics.

Features include:

  • Color LCD Screen 
  • Unified Switch Panel Layout 
  • Backup Camera Standard, Utilizes Front Monitor when activated 
  • Field updatable software by USB Connection 
  • 360-Degree Camera Option 
  • Remote Access via any Web Enabled Device 
  • Front Screen Access to Patient Area Controls 
  • Indicators & Alarms for O2/Medical Air, Entry & Compartment Doors, Active Voltage 
  • Maintenance Reminders and Videos 
  • E-Mail Notifications 
  • O2 Pressure Display 
  • Backup Alarm Cancel Button 
  • Module Disconnect 
  • Emergency Master & Primary/Secondary Lighting Functions 

The system also includes the following protection:

  • Full Over Voltage 
  • Transient Voltage 
  • Under Voltage 
  • Protect from Failure of Relay Boards 
  • Protection against Voltage Stutter 
  • Full Reverse Voltage 
  • Full RFI 
  • Protection during Slow Rise or Recovery Mode 
  • Protection during Brown Out Voltage Scenario 

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